Not Sleepless Today – a blayer (blog prayer)

Dear Yahweh,

This is almost like an email that I´m writing to You.

You are a great Creator, You are all powerful, You are merciful.

We don´t deserve a God like You, that´s for sure.

Thank You for some recent developments in my life:
– the new apartment we are moving to.  It´s near my work, it has a great view, it´s all we need for now.
– getting along good with my rellies and friends
– getting into shape: basketball reduction
– my car is surviving
– my wife and I are generally getting along.  Her driving is improving.
– my wife and son are getting along too
– Your giving me some cool new songs
– You helped me start this blog
– You having been clarifying my mind re: my environment, religion, politics, culture, etc.
– You introduced me to some very interesting people lately
– You gave me a stable job, and energy/will power/etc to start a side business
– my boss and I get along, ibid for the co-workers
– my friendship with You seems to be getting much better since last summer, when it was doing poorly
– a good sleep last night

– be honoured, revered, respected through me and my family
– raise up a new people called by Your name
– bring in Your honour, kingdom and will through us
– keep my family healthy and strong
– convince my buddy re:  the evvies and the powers-that-be
– help my basketball to be completely gone and give me 6-pack abs
– give my wife a suitable job
– give us wisdom re: starting side businesses, esp f-planning
– give my pops a sense of purpose, open his heart to You
– continue to strengthen my boy
– bless and keep and relate to the little old lady who is moving out
– etc.

There´s a lot going on these days.  I´m conducting a seminar on Money Making Skills this Friday.  Please give me wisdom about this, and help all the participants to figure out a way to survive better in the #1 rated most expensive city in Turtle Island.  That finance company.  Help us to figure out exactly what to do about it.  And help me finish off my taxes.

My muscles are STILL sore from the gym last Saturday.  Four days already.  Krikee!

Thinking about how I´m going to influence a generation of people these days.  Have been reading a book on North Turtle Island politics, re: the Conservatives and the right wing Christians (Protestant and Catholic) and Jews who support them.  Very thought provoking.  And I´m living a few kilometres away from the buckle of the Bible Belt.

The problem is: Your name has been dishonoured through these groups of people claiming to know and represent You.  I´ve been with them since the late 70s.  I know all about them.  Working overseas, the dominant group in our international church was the evangelical Americans.  They ran and called the shots there.  So I´m well aware of how evangelicals think and operate.  Not only have we taking away land from the First Nations of Turtle Island, murdered and marginalised them since the days of the Puritans on the US Eastern seaboard, but we have voted in of late leaders claiming a direct connection with You and Your people, who are destroying North and South Turtle Island.  They have been:
– cutting taxes for the rich while overburdening the poor and Middle Class
– sending our armies overseas to attack Muslims who mostly DON´T have connections with terrorists
– wasting billions of dollars on military equipment we don´t need
– handing out military and other contracts to security companies who don´t need them
– jumping in bed with the corporations who are only accountable to their shareholders, who are basically extraterritorial, meaning they can be based anywhere on the planet, following whichever laws they please, and parking their money anywhere
– continuing to abuse First Nations, and also Muslims, the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged, single parent families, etc
– claiming to know You, but really doing the OPPOSITE of what You commanded us
– the list goes on…

Please help me not to get too grieved about all this, and give me a clear mind to know how to best respond.  The days are dark, but You are light . . .

Please help me to meditate on Your words today, and give me the courage to put them into practice.  You are great, and deserve all the honour and glory.  You rule!

Take care,

Your son, Demitri

About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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