The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada

Comments I made on this website re: Marci McDonald´s book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada:

Having just finished Marci´s book, I am relieved and grateful that she gave such a thorough who´s who of the Christian right in Canada. The currents she described have been building for years; it is simply that many are finally being exposed to the public now that evangelicals have their own PM and many MPs. For example, Christian Zionism, creationism/intelligent design, Christian schools and homeschooling, etc.

Some questions:

With all that power, what are evangelicals going to do with it?

How are they going to treat people of other faiths and persuasions?

Are they aiming at a system that favours Christians or a level playing field for everyone?

How many Afghanis, Palestinians, First Nations, Canadian cheap labour and Canadian poor have suffered and even died due to policies from this government and its ruling party of the Conservatives (really the Reformed party who recently bought the rights to the old Tory label)?

What ever happened to loving your neighbour?

Are we only loving our rich and powerful neighbours, and throwing table scraps to everyone else?

I could go on. Recent news articles cite studies that show Canada may be among the top richest countries of the world in the next 20 years (32% more millionaires by 2020: report , Our influence is sure to grow.

Do we want to be known as a cheap imitation of the US and its Christian Right, or do be famous as a compassionate nation unafraid to be just toward all, within and without the country?


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