A Blayer on a Semi-Cloudy Morning

Dear Yah,

How are you this morning?  I know You don´t sleep, so I won´t bother asking if You slept well.  It´s cloudy out there today.  I see a mix of dark clouds and light patches where You can almost see the blue sky hiding.

Busy day planned today: got to get our dog´s hair cut

while at the same time getting my relative´s truck interior detail.

That cab smells quite skunky.  Yuck!  I pray that the auto detailers will have some magic to get rid of the stink.

My dog is staying in our home tonight.  The last and only night.  We have to lend him out to a friend, because dogs are officially not allowed in this building.  Dunno who came up with that rule, but oh well.  When you´re buying a place, the realtors don´t give you the strata minutes until at least 60% into the deal.  Then, when I wanted to protest about it, my wife of course said we got to get this place no matter what, and the realtor says no problem, just carry the dog up and down the stairs and be discreet.  No one told me I would meet my former work-mate from 25 years ago, who told me his wife is the president of the strata council.  Sheep!  What if I run into him in the hall while stealthily transporting my pooch???!!!  So it´s bye-bye my friend till I get rich and buy a bigger place!  At least I´ll retain ownership of my canine best friend, and borrow him back on weekends etc.  Where there´s a will, there´s a way, hey hey!

Thanks for a day off.  Good Friday.  The day Christians celebrate about Jesus dying on the cross.  For everyone else, and even including many Christians, it is the weekend of the Easter Bunny.  I´ve heard that it is originally a pagan Roman festival.  I guess celebrating rabbits and eggs and multiplication is not too bad, except that the planet is getting kind of crowded now.  At least I plan to have a couple more, if the yingyang works properly!

Messiah, do You like it when all these folks who claim to follow You celebrate Your bloody corpse on a couple sticks of wood?  I mean, after a rich life lasting 33 years, You only spent a few hours on a cloudy day hanging their under the watchful eye of the Roman soldiers and leaders and Jerusalem religious leaders of the Sadducees and Pharisees.  Is this how You want people to remember You, as a body, beat-up corpse hanging nearly naked on a Roman torture instrument?  I mean, I know Your death and the blood You shed cleanses away our hearts´ evils, but can we not be so macabre and a little mentally sick to go so far as to freeze Your entire eternal existence into a picture of Your 3 hour mishap?

Mel Gibson was pretty ill in glorying in Your brutal beating and murder.  People like me who watched it in horror are also pretty screwed up in the head.  Please forgive us, oh Lord, and honour You for dying for us, yes, but to put WAY MORE emphasis on Your resurrection and the fact that You are alive and well now, reigning on a glorious throne in Heaven, ready to return to earth and kick butt of all the evil dudes (which could easily include me if I´m not on Your side).

The day is young,

I am not.

But th´energy

Flowing through my veins

Is enough

To face the challenges

And chase opportunity

When it knocks

Kick my ***

and let me live

Teach me to love,

Convince me

Every time

To forgive

Awake my cob-webbed brain

And my easily-swayed heart

Assist me across the busy freeway

When my soul is stuck

I want to honour You

And not just be a wallflower

I need to flow like Bruce Lee

Like water

You are great, and greatly to be praised

Your words are smooth, Your actions true

And all Your enemies tremble

I need You desperately

Like a naked, trembling infant

Touch my heart and earthquake my soul

Immerse my entire being

Help me to live for You

Each and every moment

Teach me to love neighbour

Friend and foe

And not give up in the


You are the King and I Your subject

You are the Dad and I am Your kid

Take me, remake me, shake and shape me

Get my soul

Into the groove

Of Your thoughts and plans

And to smoothly choose

Your way over my own

Or anyone else´s

Even though temptation surrounds me

With a kazillion voices

Cheers, I love Ya,

You know my name

See You in a bit

And help me remain

Constant, dedicated,

Passionately engaged

In Your kingdom, Your glory

And Your universal fame.

Bow to the crowds . . .

For the glory and honour

Of Yahweh, King and Saviour of

Every man, woman and child

Plant and animal

Blade of grass and drop of H20

On Turtle Island and every

Other isle,

Signing off,


About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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