Small Acts of Resistance – Take the Power Back!

I took this book out of my local library and devoured it within a few hours.  Fascinating stuff!

The book´s official website is, accessed today.

The authors wrote an excellent article here ( about certain points in history where the little people took the power back.

Our world is a place where the Big Boys rule.  The Spanish took the gold from the Mayans in Peru, then they and the Portuguese squandered the gold money stolen from the indigenous people of South America.   Most of the gold ended up in Northern Europe, where nations there funded their own industrial revolutions.  This is especially evident in Britain and Holland.  The Brits and Dutch, not to mention the French, sailed around the world in their ships and gunboats and used their technological edge to conquer large tracts of land and the human populations they sustained.  Many a century passed by, and the slavery and colonial oppression turned into economic dependency and non-stop local wars.  Thank the Brits, Dutch, French, Russians and Americans for that.  Of course, others were involved, but not to such a large extent.

And the Brits and Yanks basically set up the entire world system I call the Matrix, and others call the global economy.  Globalisation and free trade agreements are celebrated by the likes of Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist who wrote The World is Flat, as well as Hot, Flat and Crowded.  Handouts by foreign powers and banks ensure that the poorer countries stay poor, never develop to be dynamic and robust, independent and ever-improving.  The economic dependency trap, as mentioned by Vancouver, Canada lawyer and author, First Nations Tsimtsian Calvin Helin, comes into play in a big way.

It´s time to take the power back, and Small Acts of Resistance authors Steve Crawshaw and John Jackson show us how it´s been done in many nations throughout the world over the years.

Some memorable examples:

Muhammad Ali the boxer, at the height of his blossoming boxing career, told the powers-that-be in America to stick it where the sun don´t shine.  In 1967, when Ali was 25 years old, the US government called on him to join the military and go fight in Vietnam.  He was well aware of what he was risking – his career and reputation – but he above all wanted to be a man of principle who would forever be an example to others.  The Powermongers stripped Ali of his world heavyweight championship title, arrested him and threw him in jail for 5 years, banned him from boxing for 3 years, and fined him $10,000, a huge sum in those days.  He gave up his most productive boxing years to prove a point: the enemies being fought by the U.S., the Communist Viet Cong, ¨never called me a nigger.¨  Take the power back, bam!

More to come . . .





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