Message To All You Job Seekers Out There

Dear Job Seeker,

We are living in difficult times.  Our economy goes up and down (mostly down), but the wages of the normal working person do not go up much.  Inflation here is at least 3.2% per year.  The banks are getting bigger and making more money than ever.  The governments on a national and provincial level often fail to allow for a political, economic and social environment where families and individuals can grow and improve.  Even when things do get better, often the majority of the population is left out, and people at the “bottom” of the social ladder suffer more and more.

For you, dear Job Seeker, there is only one way out: Take the Power Back.  Back from your own confusion, lethargy and hesitation.  Back from people who don’t really care about you.  And friend, please realize: knowledge is power.  Power is the means to live freely, independently, without relying on handouts from governments, groups, family or friends.  Of course, we all need support from others, but to be overly dependent on them will kill our confidence and damage our future.  To succeed, we need to train ourselves to adapt to the environment and be in control of our own lives and destinies.  No one else, no government, political, social or religious group, no family member or friend, can do this for us.  We need to take responsibility.  And when we ourselves succeed, we can help others around us to succeed.

There is a sport called Parkour which developed in France and has spread all over the globe in the last 10 + years.  Parkour, or as some call it Freerunning, has an objective for the runner, or “traceur”, to move from Point A to Point B in the fastest, most efficient way.  This activity requires constant training, usually in a group.  The group ensures safety, guidance and friendship.  Each individual takes responsibility to develop his or her abilities to the maximum, and to help others to do so.  (Check out

One slogan that has come out of Parkour, taken from their hero Georges Hébert (1875 –1957), a pioneering French physical educator, theorist and instructor, is BE STRONG TO BE USEFUL (Être fort pour être utile).  In order to help other people and not be a burden to them, we ourselves must learn to be strong in all areas of life: in spirit, mind, body, careers, relationships, etc.  But you cannot be strong without knowledge.  And knowledge is useless unless you apply it to your everyday life.  Usefulness in society = strength (when you apply knowledge to the real world, again and again, until you see, enjoy and share the results).

Find knowledgeable people and materials to assist you to know and put into practice the most effective job search techniques.  When you finally get that job you want so much, then it is time to SHINE, to show everyone what an excellent, highly disciplined worker who gets results.  Then plan your career.  This could include constant educational and skills upgrading by yourself (using Internet and library resources), with others (coaches, mentors, etc.) or in a traditional educational setting (part-time classes).  

Also, you may wish to consider self-employment.  Don’t believe the so-called statistics that say most businesses fail.  The ones that fail are from people who register and do nothing, but for some weird reason get included in the statistics.  No, most people succeed at business if they have the right ingredients: wisdom, speed and flexibility, hard work, effective networking, good time management, market awareness, foresight, respect for history, balanced and healthy living, not neglecting their family and friends, and treating their customers, co-workers, suppliers and partners like gold.  These people are the success stories you read about.  You can be one of them.

For building your career in these turbulent times, what is required?

Serious times require serious action.

Serious times require serious training.

Serious times require serious teamwork.

And: love many, trust few, and always, always, paddle your own canoe.



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Check out Georges Hebert´s Practical Guide of Physical Education to get your body back in shape!

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