Interesting Facts About Christians

Interesting Facts About Christians: Introduction

Of all the religions of the world, it is perhaps Christianity which has produced the most atheists.

And, on the other hand, Christianity more than all the other religions on Mother Earth, has given rise to more hyprocrites: those who say they believe one thing, and do the opposite.

Has anyone out there every read the Bible, been attracted to its teachings, stories, characters, etc., and then looked at the Christian churches and their followers and said to themselves:

¨Well, I guess I can´t join this religion.  It´s main book talks so much about love.  But these people. . . I have never seen so much violence, hatred, war, and narrow-mindedness coming from one group of people.  They claim to love God, but to me, they seem only to love money and guns, being in power, building temples to their gods, and sending missionaries abroad to teach the American way.  These Christians claim to love their neighbours.  However, it seems that every their every non-Christian neighbour who is unlucky enough to co-habit the same piece of geography, whether they are atheist, agnostic, native American/First Nations, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Zoroastrian, even other Christians of a different stripe . . . well, let´s just say the Christians are not so loving towards them.  Unbelievable, a book like the Bible that promises so much, and a people who claim to follow that book but deliver so little.  Where on the planet can I find a true believer?

And away they go, never again to be interested in Yeshua (Jesus) and all He represents.  You have produced another atheist.  Good job, Christian!

So, without further ado, let us delve into some Interesting Facts about Christians.  Be ready to get shocked, people.  Perhaps you had better sit down and put on a seatbelt!

Facts about Christians that Could Peel the Paint Off of Walls:

  • That great hero of Protestant Christians, Martin Luther, wrote his very last book to encourage his co-religionists to burn down Jewish villages.  Check it out here.
  • Another hero of evangelicals, Jean Calvin, was behind the execution of his former friend, Michael Servetus.  The crime?  Denying the Trinity, the Biblical teaching that Father, Son and Holy Spirit all make up one God.  Check it out here.
  • The Pope issued several decrees called ¨Bulls¨ that called for Christians to attack and take over any nation or people who did not accept Christianity.  Check it out here.
  • The Pope ordered Christians to attack the Muslims and massacre them in the name of Christ.  Check it out here.
  • The Puritans who came from Britain to the U.S. believed themselves to be Joshua, and the native Americans to be like Canaanites.  They believed that superior whites had the right to take over the North American land mass because native Americans were pagan savages who supposedly worshiped many gods.  Check it out here.
  • American Christians even wondered if native Americans had a soul.
  • Even though the Cherokee had become Christians as their European neighbours had required, they were forcibly removed from their lands and taken away to Oklahoma.  On this journey on what is known as the ¨Trail of Tears¨, most of the Cherokee, including women, children and the elderly, died on the way and never reached Oklahoma.  The American $20 bill features Andrew Jackson, the U.S. president behind this forced removal.  Way to go, Andrew, you butcher!
  • American Christians, especially evangelicals, overwhelmingly voted for George Bush Jr.  The reason?  I remember an acquaintance of mine from Oregon sending out a mass e-mail during the 2000 election.  George Bush, a former alcoholic and business failure had attended a Billy Graham crusade and gotten miraculously ¨saved¨.  Now Jesus was his guiding light, and he was ready to become the evangelical point man in power.
  • George W. Bush said that God told him to attack Iraq.  See here.
  • Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, is also an evangelical, and also stated that God appeared to him in a dream and told him to attack Iraq.  Check it here.
  • Both men and their representatives were caught lying.  They had said that Iraq was harbouring weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).  After several inspections by UN officials, no WMDs were found.  Despite all this, evangelical believers in Western countries overwhelmingly supported the Iraq invasion of 2003.
  • Through the efforts of British and American evangelicals, the state of Israel was founded in 1947.  Local dwellers of Palestine, both Muslim and Christian, were displaced to make room for foreigners from Germany, Russia and other lands where Christians and Communist atheists had been persecuting Jews.  Solving one wrong with another wrong.  And, instead of waiting for the Lord Almighty to fulfill Biblical predictions on His own, in His time and manner, Western Christians thought they could help Him along.  After all, they had a worldwide empire, the biggest in world history, and could call the shots anywhere and in any way they liked.
  • Christians fueled the massive expansion of the British, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Belgian, American, Canadian, Australian, South African and other empires.  More blood was shed by these people than all other religions combined in the history of the world.
  • Ironically, while their empires were busy butchering locals around the world, Western Christians sent out their missionaries globally to ¨preach the Good News¨ of the ¨Prince of Peace¨, Jesus Christ.  They established churches, Bible schools, seminaries, hospitals, universities, elementary and high schools, charitable foundations, armies, security forces, etc. as they took over the best of the land.  One African man commented: ¨The missionary came to me and said, ´Let us pray´.  All he had was a Bible, and all we locals had was some land.  After we finished praying, the missionary had the land, and we had the Bible in our hands.¨
  • Evangelicals are the biggest lobby group for guns and the right for private citizens to pack their own weapons wherever they go.  Watch out who you sit beside in church next Sunday!
  • Christians were mostly behind the Republican-loving Tea Party.
  • Evangelicals are typically the ones behind electing any U.S. president.  They are one of the key voting blocs in America.
  • Canadian evangelicals and their conservative Catholic cohorts were a huge force behind the election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party.  This party had been founded a couple decades before by Preston Manning, an evangelical whose Dad was a well known Bible preacher and politician.  Evangelicals were the biggest bloc behind the Reformed Party, which was renamed Alliance Party and then merged with the disgraced, barely surviving Progressive Conservative party that had been decimated in a previous election.
  • During the Rwandan genocide, it was evangelicals killing evangelicals.  Way to go, Western missionaries, for setting up this scenario!  Great teaching!  Great discipleship!  Great instruction on ¨love thy neighbour as thyself¨!
  • Evangelicals will be a political and social force in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and other Western nations in the years to come.  Christians are also a strong influence in South Korea, China, Singapore, many Latin American and African countries, etc.  Watch out, planet, the Christians are coming (again)!!!
  • Those who say ¨Oh, those people were not true believers.¨  Really?  They believe the Apostle´s Creed, asked Jesus into their hearts, went up at Billy Graham crusades, confessed and repented of their sins, believed that only God´s grace rather than their own works could save them, say they believe every word of the Bible, pray, do their ¨devotions¨, attend church faithfully, tithe, support the pastor or priest, love the Church, give to charity, go abroad as missionaries, are ¨pro-life¨, against evolution and homosexuality, etc.  And, as Vine Deloria Jr said in his book, God is Red: A Native View of Religion:
    ¨And if the exploiters of old were not Christians, why did not the true Christians rise up in defiance of the derogation of their religious heritage and faith?¨ Deloria quote

Christians Creating a Worldwide Class of Physically, Spiritually and Economically Challenged People

Some people have wondered how Yeshua (Jesus) could teach people to love their neighbours and yet Christians seem to do the opposite by vehemently hating their neighbours.  And then when they pretend to be showing love, they force people to become dependent on their aid.  Instead of teaching a man how to fish, they give him a fish, and cause him to become a hopeless cripple who is economically, spiritually and politically dependent on the Western Christians.  There is, as the proverb goes, a demon on every dollar the Westerners donate.  Their money comes with strings attached, lots of strings.

The Case of China

The Chinese Communists booted out all the Western missionaries to China in the early 1950s.  They accused the Chinese Christians of being dependent on Western donations to survive and thrive.  The Communist Party of China forced Chinese Christians to form themselves into a new entity which would be self-financed, self-propogating and self-managed.  And today?  The church in China has in many areas been co-opted again by Western Christians who have re-connected with the Chinese house churches.  Again we see the strange foreign influence of Calvinism, Pentecostalism, Third Wave Charismatics, Bible Baptists, and a host of sects.  Not only have overseas Chinese returned to influence the Chinese house churches again with Western Christian thinking, but they have been accompanied by Western ESL teachers, business people, pastors, missionaries, short term mission teams, etc.  Many churches and Christian networks have fought bitter battles and even split over arguments about access to foreign donations.  Again, a demon is found on every dollar . . .

The Solution?

Well, on the Christians´ part, one good start would be to get on the ground and repent in dust and ashes.  I am sure there is some nice dust outside their doorways.  Ripping their clothing and moaning loudly in repentance would also be a helpful response.  After saying sorry to God and weeping in sorrow for a good, solid few hours, the Christians could renounce their messed up religion and actually read and follow what the Bible clearly teaches:

  • love God not money, weapons, war and power
  • love your neighbour

Also, their new religion could dispense with the expensive buildings, pastors and other paid workers, denominational structures, mission groups, TV and radio and publishing houses and magazines, ministries, etc.  And stop trying to build Theocracy in the US and Canada.  Renounce historical and present bullying of nearby minorities and far away nationalities.  Love the Muslims.  Love the Mexicans.  Love the native Americans/First Nations.  Love the atheists.  Love the Communists and socialists.  Love the anarchists.  Love the libertarians.  Love the capitalists.  Love the gays. Love the abortionists.  Love the evolutionists.  Love the atheists and agnostics.  Love the Buddhists.  Love the Hindus.  Love the Sikhs.  Love the Orthodox and Catholic and Liberal Christians and Evangelicals.  Love the Mormons and Jehovah´s Witnesses and Local Church and Moonies and Children of God and Bahais and . . .  Love the so-called Terrorists.  Love the drug runners and sellers.  Love . . . did I forget anyone?

Well, my vision is to see a worldwide Messianic movement of people who follow the Bible but who are not a part of historic or current Christianity.  A series of movements, with various leaders in various places, in a loose network, with different influences and specialties based on different locations, cultures and backgrounds.  The group that I and my friends are starting is one small drop in an ocean of new Messianic movements.

Movements that believe in the Trinity, the full Godhood and manhood of Yeshua (Jesus), His redemptive death and powerful resurrection, the rites of baptism and eucharist, the return of the Messiah, the truthfulness of the Bible, etc.  But who have NO linkage with Christians, be they evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, or a sect.

Separate, independent, but moving in a loose network of like-minded people who:

  • are against war and violence, but reserve the right to defend ourselves and our families when attacked
  • mix rather than separate ourselves from society
  • never try to establish theocracies
  • only have volunteer or bi-vocational leaders
  • meet in restaurants, coffee shops, parks, offices, homes, etc and have no church buildings
  • are extremely pro-indigenous people, but seek their wellbeing through encouragement, training and hands-off approach rather than crippling handouts, letting local insiders lead rather than forcing outsiders on to them
  • don´t fear a ¨takeover¨ of Muslims, drug runners, Mexicans, Chinese, gays, pro-choice advocates, etc.
  • study rather than ignore history and its implications in current events
  • mistrust the official media and seek to get the facts
  • create beautiful, relevant, intelligent and locally influenced art, music, literature, film, etc. rather than the boring baby pablum of the Western Christians
  • say ¨Yeshua¨ for Jesus, ¨Messiah¨ for Christ, ¨Messianist¨ or ¨Messiah Follower¨ for Christian, ¨Ekklesia¨ or ¨group¨ for church, ¨Sacred Scriptures¨ for Bible, etc. in an effort to re-frame the new religion in a fresh way, without references to the Christian movements since the time of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, who hijacked the post-Bible times faith and turned it into a political, militaristic religion
  • more to come later . . .

Which Side Will You Choose?

You can choose to follow the Christians and their religion of Bible Opposites: hatred for love, war for peace, political control for gentle yet powerful and beneficial influence, etc.

Or you can seek to follow the Sacred Scriptures without the Christian religion as your base, and become a Messianist.

Messianists are a prophetic movement, meaning that they are a people who speak out against evil, especially as it reveals itself in those who claim to follow the Bible.  Christians, be prepared to get an earful from the Messianists.  Your time has come, and your discriminating behaviour is being called into question.

Or you can join us.  Be a part of the revolution, the new reformation.  But please, for Yahweh´s sake, leave your baggage behind.  We don´t want a new series of movements that end up looking like the very thing they oppose.

Oh, won´t the Messianists turn out to be the same corrupt, hypocritical mass of religionists that the Christians are?

Perhaps a few Messianists may fall into that trap.  We´re human too, you know.  And yet, we are so decentralised, that one fallen leader will not take down too many people with her or him.  Also, our core values prevent us from saying we love Yahweh and neighbour and end up doing the opposite as Western Christians do.  Either we love, or we are not Messianists, we have denied the faith.

Idealistic, you say?  Sure.  But didn´t Martin Luther King Jr. once say, ¨I Have A Dream!¨

And I have a dream too.  It is a dream of Yah-Lovers, Neighbour-Lovers, who rise up as champions for the poor and oppressed, who oppose corruption and bullying of the weak.  Who live simply but not austerely.  Who save money rather than waste it.  Who train a woman or man to fish rather than hand out fish.  Who don´t kiss the behinds of political, economic, social and religious leaders.

Who are not afraid to speak out against evil and pay the consequences for it, meaning jail time, loss of job, loss of prestige and maybe even loss of life.  Who make excellent, quality music, art, films, etc.  Who widely read and eventually become widely read.  Who are a dynamic Minority rather than a group who wishes to become a watered-down, toothless-tiger Majority.  Who do not import Westernism into other cultures, but encourage them to figure out by themselves how to apply the Sacred Scriptures to their own group of people rather than having it all pre-packaged, sealed, signed and delivered to them by outsiders.  Who adapt to every situation, culture, language and sub-culture, without losing their characteristics nor their cutting edge.  Who call a spade a spade, and gain the respect of surrounding people due to their integrity and courage.  Who are always striving to grow in all areas of life, and encourage growth in others.

Do you want to be a part of the Revolution?  Then join me on this journey!



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