Direct Action – The Alarm

I love these guys – Mike Peters and The Alarm!  I used to listen to their songs in the late 80s: Rain in the Summertime, 68 Guns, Walk Forever By My Side, Strength, Shelter, Shout to the Devil, Marching On, etc.  Great stuff!  Very motivational.  Mike Peters is still going strong, although he had had some health issues in 2005.  He ended up beating the cancer, and kept marching on, even making the highest benefit concert (or maybe ANY concert, for that matter) on Mount Qomolangma / ¨Everest¨ in 2007 to raise $ for cancer victims.    A true hero!  Cheers to Mike, mates!

Direct Action
Fire in the hole, war coming down
As Wall Street crashes to an all time low
To find inspiration where there is none
You’re going to have to take DIRECT ACTION
Free man of this land, he knows what’s going down
He’s got a King James Bible right by his side
To find the truth in a web of lies
You’re going to have to take DIRECT ACTION
I’d give my last drop of blood just to keep you alive
Take a bullet in the head for you
Make a stand in the court of humanity all alone

So, what are they trying to say? 

Don´t mess around.  War is here.  Economic crash.  Hopelessness.  Lies everywhere.  Bullets flying.  Matrix stuff.

Stand up.  Take action – directly . . . not pussy-footing or fooling around.  JDI – just do it!  Time to GOYA – get off your ass.

The Sacred Scriptures are your guide.  To find inspiration for your action.  Willing to die.  Willing to take a stand.

Not everyone will do this.  But everyone can.  And should.

As Morpheus said, ¨Free your mind, Neo!




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