Taking a Swipe at Calvin and the Calvinists

Here is a message for Calvinists who justify John Calvin and his philosophy:

Did you read the Bible, especially 1 John where it says that no murderer has eternal life in him or her?  Or where in Revelation murderers will be condemned to the Lake of Fire?  Or where the apostle Paul says that murderers will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?

And yet in this Desiring God article, the writer excuses Calvin as being a poor victim of his times, in the issue of the murder of Michael Servetus.

I don’t care how intelligent Calvin seemed when he published his Institutes at the age of 26 and thereafter revised them many times.  It is the theology of a murderer.  It also is the application of Enlightenment Rationalism to the Holy Writ, influenced by the Europe of Calvin’s day.  Not the good side, but the dark side.

Some History Lessons:

South Africa

This dangerous philosophy of Calvinism ends up justifying trash like Dutch Reformed colonists murdering locals in South Africa until the point where they took over the land and enforced apartheid.

The Orangemen of Northern Ireland

You have these folks in the UK who call themselves Orangemen and celebrate John Calvin as the cat´s meow and the bees knees.  Aren´t these the guys in Ireland/North England who don´t mind murdering a Catholic when he or she´s not looking?  And the only reason they are not doing it more is that they are being watched by the cops?

Sorry for side-tracking here, but hey, these Orangemen look every bit to me like a version of Christian Fascism:

We love our Nation 

Our nation comprises the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and we will resist all attempts to break up or weaken that Union. We are convinced that it is the Protestant faith and its principles which have made the United Kingdom the greatest nation, under God, in the world. We believe that the United Kingdom and the British family of nations have uniquely enjoyed the blessing of God, particularly since the Reformation. It is from this land that the gospel went forth to heathen lands in the days of the British Empire. We do not believe that God has done with us and that he calls us to continue to be a beacon for Protestantism throughout the world. We believe firmly in the nation state and we will steadfastly resist all who try to absorb us into a European state in which the majority of member countries are Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox and which may in the future even include Muslim Turkey. We, the British people share a common faith, we enjoy a common culture and we share in a common history. Men and women of all the constituent countries of the UK were involved and instrumental in making Britain great and in gifting British values to peoples throughout the Empire. We honour them and will not allow their vision to be destroyed by political revisionists who are the enemies of all things British. We are proud of our nation, proud of our culture, proud of our history and we are confident of our future.

– http://www.lol842bristol.com/index.php?p=1_52_What-Do-We-Believe-In-, accessed May 21, 2012, bold text is my keyboard/mouse´s.

Hmmm . . . British Protestants raped, murdered, plundered, dispossessed and marginalised countless people groups all over the world (Turtle Island, Carribean, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan, Middle East, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.) over the course of their God-cursed Empire, and claim to be the Good Guys, while the other folks are ¨Heathen¨, i.e. unbelieving Savages?????  Who´s the Savage here, guys?

More Christian Fascism from the Orange Dudes and their site:

. . . we are a Protestant people who profess a Protestant faith and our history tells us that the rights of all to freedom of faith and worship will only be safe so long as we retain our Protestant Faith and Constitution in Church and State. We therefore maintain our commitment to full civil and religious liberty for all but we do not believe in parity of esteem between faiths. The United Kingdom is a Christian and Protestant country. No alien faith must ever be allowed to influence our foreign policy. No alien faith must ever be afforded more favourable treatment in any area of British life than is afforded to the Protestant faith and no alien faith must ever have any part in the official ceremonial events of our nation.

The hero of the Orangemen?  A loser named William III, a royal invader from Holland who took over the UK in 1688.  So here are a bunch of people pretending to love Britain et al and yet proclaim themselves followers of a foreign invader.  Is that logical???  And they state that they believe in Protestant family values, and yet their cherished hero William, Prince of Orange was a suspected homosexual .  This was due to his extremely close relationship with a teenaged assistant named Arnold Joost Van Keppel, who spend much time with William.  Just friends?  You decide . . .  Well, here are the Orangemen sounding off again:

We believe in the old British values. We believe that marriage is the only relationship ordained by God in which sexual activity should take place and in which children are to be conceived and brought up.

Scary!  I mean, not necessarily the part about sex in marriage, coz the stats state that married folks have more sex than their carrousing counterparts.  But the part about the old British values?

First of all, their values are Dutch Calvinist, a FOREIGN nations´.

Second, old British values means attacking and exterminating everyone else but yourselves.

Third, half of the world´s problems, including those of the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians, Iraq/Iran/Kuwait, the statelessness of the Kurds, the fight between India and Pakistan, the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, the Protestant/Catholic struggle in Northern Ireland, the continued suffering of indigineous people worldwide, especially in Turtle Island (North America), South America, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Africa, etc., are from the British Empire and its aftermath.  If God decides anything to do, it certainly won´t be to save the Queen!  On Yahweh´s Judgment Day, the Queen and her predecessors will lined up and shoved one by one into Hell, unless she changes her attitude and turns 180 degrees toward Yah-Love and Neighbour-Love (see Matthew 25 and Revelation 20/21).  Sorry, Queen-Lovers and Royal Fans, you are supporting a Lost Cause!

And these Orangemen . . . there are even some of these annoying people in my home province of British Columbia!  Boy, I loathe to write that BRITISH part every time, despite me being 12.5% British from my Great-Grandpa´s side.  Anyways, if you want to go to the Mentally Challenged Asylum, I mean Residence, then turn up your speakers, get ready to jump 5 metres off your chair, and click here.  Sheep, who knew that Protestants could get so fracking aggravating (maybe .  .  . the Catholics in Ireland, and the First Nations in Turtle Island, among others . . . )

The Puritans

Let´s move to the history of Turtle Island, the First Nations word for North America.  The Puritans, armed with the twisted, racist theology of Calvin, fought and killed native Americans and took over the land.   Thanksgiving, Columbus Day – both are cover-ups for a Fascist philosophy that chooses one ethnic group as Masters and the other as Servants (or Corpses).

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was also a product of Calvin-informed people. Another ideology to move White Supremacists to murder native people and take over the land in a misguided series of campaigns reminiscent of the Anti-Muslim Crusades spurred on by the Pope in Rome’s orders, called Papal Bulls.

Everybody wants to be Joshua, and pretend that their enemies, or at least whoever stands in their way, are the evil Canaanites.  A total misapplication and twisting of Scripture.  Joshua’s Deal was a one time historical event, never to be repeated.  And the Canaanites were give 400 years to repent for their genocide and sacrificing of their own firstborns to the false gods.  No other group in history can claim that God has called them to displace another group.  Never, never, never.

Tell me, are the KKK inspired by Calvinism and Manifest Destiny?  Well, God damns (notice the present tense of my verb usage) this ideology, its evil fruits, and its confused adherents.

A Christianised Version of Social Darwinism

Calvinism is simply another form of Social Darwinism, but instead of survival of the fittest, it is survival of the chosenest.  No small wonder that Calvinism coincided with the expansion of the Holland Empire, and also that of the British (many Calvinists being Scots and even Brits).

Dying in Europe, Calvinism Survives in Turtle Island (North America)

Oh, and one more thing: Calvinism is dying in Holland, Scotland, France and other places it used to thrive in.  Europeans can’t handle it any more.  So the foolish philosophy takes refuge in Turtle Island (North America) among the descendants of bigots, who spread their bigotry and false Gospel through their writings and political movements.   Is Turtle Island a place of refuge for all the misfits of Europe???

Stephen Harper´s Neo-Conservative Party and their Calvinist Connection

Even the Conservative Party in North Turtle Island (Canada) had its roots in Dutch and Scottish Calvinism when Preston Manning, founder of the original Reformed and then Alliance Party, was looking for allies.

Stephen Harper and his party were influenced by Calvinist Reconstructionists from the start until now, as they seek to stealthily build a kind of theocracy in Canada.  Check out The Armageddon Factor for more details.

Calvinism = KKKism Wrapped in Intellectual / Spiritual Garments

There is no glory to Yahweh in all this.  Calvinism is just another slick, intellectual sounding form of bigoted fundamentalism.

And in the case of Michael Servetus, the Zulus etc. in South Africa, the embattled Catholics in Northern Ireland, and the Native Americans, Calvinism turned into an ideology that fuels oppression and genocide.

Only One Way Out For Calvinists

The only solution for Calvinists is to repent, renounce Calvin and his teachings, reject the political and social ramifications of your philosophy as expressed in Imperialism and Social Darwinism, and search the Scriptures for a more holistic and reasonable ideology of Yahweh-love joined with Neighbour-Love to inform our daily actions.

Change your attitude, friends, the Kingdom of Heaven is near!  

Judgment Day will soon be here!  Don´t get caught on the Losing Side!!!!



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