A University Education is Nearly Useless Now

Finally!  There are now people debating whether the typical push toward Higher Education is morally and practically wrong: here and here and here.

I join with the people who are calling not just for a change to the university system, but a dismantling of it altogether.

I have my Masters degree.  Why?  Coz I do what they told me.  Actually, I resisted getting it for years, and finally gave in.  And a Bachelors.  Why did I do it?  Coz I did what they told me.  Who the Hades are THEY?  Well, those seemingly superiorially intelligenced leader types who told me that the university degree was my ticket to bigger and better things in life.  Now I say: BULLSHART!  Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine, in his song “Killing in the Name Of . . . ” said it ever so poiniently: YOU DO WHAT THEY TOLD YOU TO.  Yeah, that’s right.  Did I do the research?  No.  Did I really think deeply about my future?  No.  Did my future goals align with the education they provided me?  No.  And did I get what I wanted after I had finished each degree.  DOUBLE NO.

Yes, I discovered that the THEY had LIED TO ME.  Sh**p yeah, they told me some whoppers!  And I, stupid and young, bit into their bull hook, line and sinker.

I have been an Employment Counsellor for around 13 years here in BC (Brit-Frack Columbonia), Canada.  I keep getting university and college graduates with fine degrees sitting in front of me.  And they have been unemployed or underemployed FOR MONTHS.  Some for even YEARS.

Wow.  80+ grand for a university education.  Lots and lots of these folks are buried 10 metres under IN DEBT.  And they can’t even score a McDonald’s job.  They send out a kazillion carefully hand-crafted resumes, and no results.

So what the Hades are they going to school for?  To be MORE INTELLIGENTLY UNEMPLOYED?

Well, I say that we here in 2012 are witnessing the BREAK-DOWN OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM.  “They say jump, and you say how high” is NOT working anymore.

I was watching as the Standard of the high school degree quickly moved into the new standard, the Bachelor.  And then, over a few short years, the Masters became the norm.  Sh**p, I even did it.  Tens of thousands of bucks in tuition.  Not to mention all the work time I lost.  Frack!  All because “I did what THEY told me to”.

Now, why would I encourage my 12 year old son to go to university?

I’m going save tens of thousands of bucks for him to take 4 to 8 years out of the workforce, so that he can finish these useless degrees and work shoulder to shoulder with high school grads at SUBWAY?

Frack, you kidding me?  Or he takes student loans to do this?  Hades, NO!

Well, you say, what kind of career can he or any young person get if they DON’T go to university?

I’ll tell you:

They can learn by themselves. . . for FREE.  Sound revolutionary?

Internet, library, downloaded shart, coaches, mentors, buddies, observation . . . sheep, there are so many opportunities to learn out there!

What about the piece of paper?  I tell you, with my 2 degrees, I have not had ONE Canadian employer ask to see and photocopy my degree.  More often than not, they didn’t even LOOK at what education I had.  They hired me based on my skills and experience.

Sound revolutionary???  Well, it ISN’T.  It’s plain common sense.  What the frack are you wasting your time in that soul-less institution when you can be out there in the REAL WORLD, learning on and off the job?

Sure, go out and get some small certificates.  Online.  Night school.  Weekends.  Get mentored.  Find a coach.  But skip the university FARCE if you love yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, hey, SUCKS TO BE YOU!  See you in Debt Heaven, buddy!  See you serving me tomorrow at McDonald’s.  An educated fool.  Yeah, no joking. . .

This country, these two damned countries in Turtle Island – KKKanada and AmeriKKKa – both need revolutions.  Sh**p, why don’t we just conserve time and resources and have ONE REVOLUTION for BOTH COUNTRIES?  Sound simple?

Babylon, Baby, you are collapsing.  I hope these young people find a way out, a method of discovering success without your Bull-shart and Lies.  We have been believing your Horse Pucky for far too long.  Millions of starving students who become starving grads are proof that THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!!

And no amount of tinkering is going to fix or revive the System.  The System, or the Matrix, remains fundamentally flawed.

Rather than escape, let’s tear it down and rebuild a new one.  I am not calling for a Theocracy, Hades no!  Nor am I for a Left Wing Revolution.  Hades, Lefties can’t even change their own diapers properly.  How are they ever going to lead a nation.

It is time for the Champions to rise up.  The Warriors.  The Revolutionaries.  The ones who renounce all violence, and fight with LOVE to topple both the KKKanadian and AmeriKKKan governments.  Re – LOVE – ution.

Sound like a Pipe Dream, a Fantasy?  No, my friend, it’s real.  It’s doable.  If Horse-Shart and Lies are possible, then so is the Truth.

Let’s find the Solution together, and make it work!!!


Maybe HIGH TUITION is a GOOD THING.  Why?  Coz you will give up on university and get out there and get a REAL EDUCATION!!!

Cheers for the ReLOVEution,


– shoot me an email at dimitri.pravdinATmail.ru

Mildly offensive: Pharisees, beware!  But profoundly truthful . . . do u have ears to hear???

About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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