Will the Real Jesus (Yeshua) Please Stand Up?

The problem with Christianity over the past 2000 years is that there has been no Messiah in it.  Only Pharisees, those picky, anal religionists, who have hijacked a legit faith and replaced it with a military religion, which vacillates between extrememly fanatic to extremely boring.

Who is this Messiah that the Christians have missed?  I mean, the REAL MESSIAH, not the guy who either:

– puts on Military Fatigues, dons a Machine Gun, and pretends He’s GI Joe

Rambo Jesus???
This Jesus looks like he can’t figure out if he should be a warrior or a pacifist . . .. how about Wacifist or Parrior????
Jesus in Afghanistan
The main character just happens to be named “Jesus”

– looks like He could be a model on the walkway, lipstick and all

Sorry, I did this in MS Paint.  It don’t look too good.

– is fracking WHITE (are all Jews white???  She**p, didn’t that Palestinian Sun have ANY effect on Yeshua’s skin????)

Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings: how could you get any more Western than this???

– is Buddy Jesus, the dude who slaps you on the back and sez, “Hey, bud, no worries, mate, it’ll all work out!  Jes’ trus’ me and my Buddiness!”

Buddy Christ from the 1999 movie Dogma

I mean, Yeshua is neither your Ultimate Warrior nor your Female-Look-Alike.  Nor your Computer Geek, Revolutionary, or Drug-eyed Freak.  

And you can’t make a picture of Him.  The Muslims are correct here:


He’ll either look like a cute and cuddly Cartoon Figure, 

or some scary, horror movie Dude-With-The-Piercing-Druggy-Eyes.  

This picture of Jesus always freaked me out . . . crap, I think I’d rather go to Hell than be stuck in Heaven with this dude!!!!

Remember all those freaky Catholic pictures of Yeshua on the wall.  She**p, these used to freak the willies out of me!  Frakking Friday the 13th Meets Little Town of Bethlehem . . . Scary!!!!!


Realise first of all that Yeshua, the REAL YESHUA, is the MESSIAH.  This fact should be the Focal Point, the Motherload of Centralities, the Laser Beam of Reality, in our convos.

Check out this vid, skookum stuff:

(From a former techno band in the vein of Prodigy and Chemical Brothers.  They were named World Wide Message Tribe – WWMT, or simply The Tribe, and worked with teens in Manchester, England.  They are still around in the latest incarnation as The Message Trust.  Back in the day, when cassettes had their last hurrah before extinction, I had their album Heatseeker on my Sony Walkman going day and night, all over Canada and China.  They never did anything quite as Cat’s Meow as Heatseeker ever again, but their stuff in general really Kicks Apps.  Anyways, this song points out to Yeshua as the long-awaited Messiah who comes to free us from ourselves and our downward descent into Mountain Goat Excrement.  Out of the shart and into the arms of Yahweh (God) the Father, although our lives will get their share of muck in the valleys as we battle along . . . )


People from all over the world, in many many cultures, have been looking for that Special Someone to come and kick the apps of their despotic rulers.  I remember once watching the true story of the prelude to the Wounded Knee Massacre when US soldiers commited genocide on innocent First Nations people. 

Here is a snippet of that Prelude to the White Supremist Killing-Orgy, emphasis mine:

In the years prior to the Massacre, the U.S. Government had continued to coerce the Lakota into signing away more of their lands. The large bison herds, as well as other staple species of the Sioux diet, had been driven nearly to extinction. Congress failed to keep its treaty promises[6] to feed, house, clothe and protect reservation lands from encroachment by settlers and gold miners; as well as failing to properly oversee the Indian Agents. As a result, there was unrest on the reservations.[7] It was during this time of suffering and degradation that news spread among the reservations of . . . 

. . . a Paiute prophet named Wovoka, founder of the Ghost Dance religion. He had a vision that the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ, had returned to earth in the form of a Native American.[8] 


The Messiah would raise all the Native American believers above the earth. During this time the white man would disappear from Native lands, the buffalo herds and all the other animals would return in abundance, and the ghosts of their ancestors would return to earth — hence the word “Ghost” in “Ghost Dance“. They would then return to earth to live in peace.  

All this would be brought about by performance of the “Ghost Dance”. Lakota ambassadeurs to Wovoka, Kicking Bear and Short Bull taught the Sioux that while performing the Ghost Dance, they would wear special Ghost Dance shirts as seen by Black Elk in a vision. Kicking Bear said the shirts had the power to repel bullets.[8]

Frack, man, if some foreigners from another continent were massacring my peeps decade after decade, and I was outgunned, I would look for a Messiah too. 



Get that!!!  

The One who said “Love your Neighbour as yourself”!!!!

I guess the Euros were smoking a lot of that Opium they were forcing on to the Chinese!

That is the most DEVILISH, SATANIC happening in human history: that some white dudes could replace the REAL MESSIAH with a fracking HITLER-STALIN COMBO all dressed up like a really effeminate BOYTOY, and then use this FAKE JESUS to oppress the nations!

I mean, great irony here: the Anti-Empire Yeshua is replaced by the Empire-Building Jesus!

Apart from just wanting to please the white man and get ‘im to leave you alone, I surely don’t know WHY any of the oppressed peoples throughout the Empires of the Americans, British, French, Dutch, Italians, Germans, Belgians, Japanese, etc. would want to follow the Leader of their oppressors!!!  Please read my posts on Restoring Yeshua’s Honour here in Blogger and here in WordPress, especially paying attention to my poem “NO WONDER PEOPLE CALL JESUS CHRIST AN ***HOLE“.  And no wonder people are repulsed by such a filthy, militaristic religion!  I do not blame the First Nations and other nations, including those following Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, atheisim, agnosticism, Deism, me-ism, etc., who think that Yeshua, perhaps, is cool, but His so-called followers suck!  This is the frucked-up Christianity that I reject, and urge you, reader, to reject.


The Old Testament of the Sacred Scriptures pointed to a Leader who would come and bring justice to the planet.  There are two pictures of the Messiah, you can watch it in this Josh McDowell from Power to Change link here.  Basically, there are 2 images of the Messiah in the Bible’s OT:

(1) The Conqueror, and

(2) The Conquered.

Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?  Josh McDowell states that the Jews of old were looking for the #1 Dude, but that actually, the #2 came. 

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.  But I would say that the Messiah’s First Run on Planet Earth was in fact a Combo of #1 and #2.  Yeshua didn’t spend 33 years on the earth just suffering like a whipping boy.  No, He resisted the powers, all right. 


 – He constantly mocked and critiqued the ruling Pharisees, Saducess and Herodians of His day.  He avoided knocking the Roman Empire and its Roman leaders and soldiers too much, but He certainly was no fan of Caesar and his reps.

– He went into one of the Key Power Centres, the Jewish Religious Temple, and threw over the money changing tables, cracked a real, live, leather whip, and shouted down all the fracking capitalists who were making a buck off religion.

– He called Herod a “fox”.  Not Megan Fox,  Terry Fox, or Fox News, but a word “λωπεκι” in the Greek Bible meaning “cunny person”. 

– He constantly challenged His disciples, even though some of them were probably pretty hefty and tough, seeing how they were fishermen, revolutionaries, etc.

– He was never rude though . . .

 . . . AND YET . . . Yeshua didn’t overthrow the Roman Empire or the Jewish Religious leaders.  He let His disciples deal with them, not fighting against them directly, but through starting an underground movement that brought the hope of the Messiah to the masses, while resisting the evil of the Romans and Jewish bed-fellow leadership. 


Choose the Real Deal, the Bona Fide, REAL Yeshua.  You will never regret it!

For the Scripture says,

“WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.”                                                                                                       (Romans 10:11 NASB)

Kings will be your foster fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers. 

They will bow down before you with their faces to the ground;    they will lick the dust at your feet.Then you will know that I am the Lord;  those who hope in me will not be disappointed. ”                                                                            (Isaiah 49:23 NIV)

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