Revolution in Canada and US – Is It Possible?

Hi all, 

Just finished the documentary “How to Start a Revolution”, covering the influence of Gene Sharp, Professor Emeritus of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA, and his 198 non-violent methods of overthrowing dictators.  Made me think a lot!  

Now, a little disclaimer on Gene Sharp here.  At first glance, his material looks wonderful.  Get rid of the dictator.  That´s good . . . isn´t it?

Well, if it´s the frickin´ American CIA using Gene Sharp´s non-violent methods to overthrow foreign government leaders, then I strongly believe this is a mis-use of Sharp´s ideas.  In ¨How to Start a Revolution¨, it featured retired U.S. Army Colonel Robert Helvey who is also associated with Sharp´s Albert Einstein Institute.  He retires from the army and returns to Myanmar to teach their rebels to use Sharp´s methods to fight their government.  I may not be a fan of the Burmese government, and I am all for non-violent change, but hey, why the hell does a Yankee have to go train people in other countries to fight for their own land?  Especially a former U.S. soldier?

And why is it that it´s all the governments America dislikes that are getting overthrown?

Heck, is the CIA funding non-violence now to fight people they don´t like because they know the US is running out of money and needs to find a cheaper way other than bombing your enemy into oblivion?

Well, instead of overthrowing foreign governments with Gene Sharp´s methods, how about turning the tables on the US and Canadian governments?  If any 2 Fascist governments deserve to get their asses kicked out of office, it´s these 2 models of tomfoolery. 

So folks, what about Turtle Island (North America)?  Gene Sharp gave a good blueprint for overthrowing tyrants such as Stephen Harper and Barak Obama.  Is it possible, or does it sound like I´ve been smoking some weed?  

198 Ways to Conquer Dictators – Gene Sharp 

Can what the CIA wanted to happen in Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and other countries work in Canada and the US? 

Could we overthrow the tyranny of these evil political parties (Democrats, Republicans in the US, and Conservatives in Canada) and restore true leadership in Turtle Island?

3 issues arise when we consider revolution in Turtle Island: 

(1) Who could be the replacement leaders?  Would they have high level core values, eg, respect every human, respect the environment, etc or would they be tyrants such as Stephen Harper?; 

(2) How do we get rid of the Redneck British/American/French/other Euro culture of Canada and the US that produces such oppressive political parties?  I mean, honestly, the US and Canada were established in Redneckism.  Just swapping the old Rednecks for new ones isn´t going to do much! . .  

(3) Who´s going to rule?  I would hope it could be the First Nations / Native Americans of Turtle Island (North America).  They should regain their land, culture, language, government and society, and be the pre-imenent group ruling our land.  Are they up to it? Can they and their younger generations produce gutsy, no-holds-barred leaders, who could rule with compassion and conviction?  And follow the ¨Red Road¨ without being Redneck themselves?

Turtle Island’s Aboriginals were here first, and they will be here last, after all the Euros and other immigrants have faded from the scene.  As the Australian rock band Midnight Oil once said re: the land and aboriginals: “Let’s give it back!” . . . 


(4) So, shall we Euros jump on to ships and return to Europe?  Ummm, problem is, Norway doesn’t want me.  Too hard to immigrate there.  I’m already 3rd generation Canadian.  How about you, fellow crackers?  And what about all the immigrant non-crackers?  Back to Africa, Asia, etc.?  The airports and seaports would surely be jam-packed . . .

Maybe some First Nations people would let some of us stay . . . 

Lots to think about . . .  



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Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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