Charles Roach, the Anti-Queen Hero, Presses On

A fellow North Turtle Island (Canadian) Republican keeps marching on . . . 

This is in spite of the fact that he recently had a minor stroke and a brain tumour removed.  This noble brother-in-arms I just recently discovered is a freedom fighter for North Turtle Islanders, a man out on a personal campaign to rid our fair nation of the scourge of British Monarchism.  His name is Charles Roach.

He has a law firm near Toronto, Ontario, North Turtle Island (Canada).  Here is a Wikipedia Bio.  

Here are some quotes from a Toronto Sun article (my emphasis):

Roach, 78, has been fighting for equal opportunities for members of Toronto’s black community since arriving here from Trinidad and Tobago 57 years ago.

He refuses to swear an oath of citizenship to the Queen and has been fighting a court battle since 1988 to have the rules changed . . .

Roach said he doesn’t want to pledge allegiance to the monarchy to obtain citizenship because of that institution’s past connection to the slave trade.

And another quote (my emphasis again):

Mr. Roach, a permanent resident who has been living in Canada since 1955 and qualifies for citizenship, said he refuses to pledge his allegiance to the Queen.

“I cannot see myself taking an oath to a symbol that is racist…. It’s against fundamental freedoms,” he said.

What impresses me is that Charles takes it upon himself to persevere time and time again in suing the Canadian government to stop the Queen Oath.

He even organised an entire busload of people with banners “Democracy Not Monarchy” when Kate and Prince William came to Ottawa.

Hats off to you, Charles!  We will stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with you in your campaign of Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Racism and Anti-Monarchy!

And hohoho, here’s an irony for ya before we sign off:

Mr. Roach, who lives in midtown Toronto, says he is confident that his latest legal challenge will succeed. He says he will keep pushing as long as he can. According to his research on the type of cancer that he has, he says he expects to survive for at least the next 17-and-a-half months [NOTE: from the time of this National Post article from May 30, 2012].

In the meantime, Mr. Roach must return to Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital in a couple of weeks for more treatments.

“Princess Margaret. Royalty again,” Mr. Roach says, laughing. “You can’t escape it. It’s everywhere.”



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