The IRONY of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada, North Turtle Island

Permanent resident immigrants in Canada have to go through the rigmarole* of getting that stupid thing called “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”, even though the world has passed us already in terms of higher standards in many industries.  Most immigrants are coming from urban centres with companies that operate via international accreditation (eg. ISO 9001 etc) and professions that are also up to international standards.  We are behind on a lot of fronts, and are not internationally competitive s we should be, except when it comes to pulling oil or minerals out of the ground, or chopping down trees, and shipping our raw materials overseas to be processed by people wiser than ourselves.

But we still ask our PRs for “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”, because somehow, we think we are better than everyone else . . . and maybe because we wish to keep the best jobs for our own kind.

But government and industry, in Canada’s hour of need for skilled workers, is not training the burgeoning population of First Nations youth, or the European (including immigrants from Europe from 1600s till now) or other non-European immigrants, for the jobs.

No, their solution is to bring in hundreds and perhaps thousands of temporary foreign workers to do the jobs we should be doing.  And are they asking for “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”?  Of course not.  See the article below, especially the yellow section.

IRONIC, eh?  Condemning immigrants to poverty and/or years of retraining due to the flawed demand for “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”, but now throwing that all out the window for what?

Convenience . . . from Day #1, this entire game has been introduced to us by government and industry who really don’t seem to care about the lives of average Canadians, whether First Nations, or immigrants from Europe or other countries and their offspring.  Whatever is convenient for them, that’s what they do.

Employers of Canada, government of Canada, citizens of Canada, when will you stopping playing games and start being responsible for the nation you live in?  Train your own, accept your own, without demands for the out-of-date “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”, and allow your First Nations and immigrants a chance to build this country into something much better than what it is now.  This is not a job for foreign contract workers who will work here for awhile, then leave.  No, nation-building is a job for all of us . . .

* rig·ma·role/ˈrig(ə)məˌrōl/


1.      A lengthy and complicated procedure.

2.      A long, rambling story or statement.

**burgeoning  present participle of bur·geon (Verb)


1.      Begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish: “manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand”.

2.      Put forth young shoots; bud.




Dear Jason, 

Yes, the Feds have been been controlling people in this country through “Bread and Circuses” for many decades.  

Rather than awakening people  to a healthy lifestyle and independent lives, you’d rather just bypass the entire Canadian populous in favour of Temporary Foreign Workers.  And keep oppressing local people with your handouts.  While catering to the few Canadian employers who are too lazy themselves to train.  

They’ve passed the cost of training on to the common Joe, while training programs at colleges, universities and training institutes simply rake in the bucks.

Who are the idiots asking immigrants for “Canadian experience” for the past few years?  

Even the Americans haven’t stooped so low!

What kind of system is this?

From Deep Shart to even Deeper Shart.

Way to go, mate!

And Canadian employers using foreign cheap labour, you traitors should be ashamed of yourselves!

Hope your kid ends up unemployed and on the Dole someday too!

And Jason, smarten up!  One day you’ll be out of power, and so might your cozy corporate buddies.  

Who’s going to help you then?

Blessings, Dimitri


About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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