An Early Summer Morning Blayer

wonderful morning sunshine

Dear Yah,

Thank U 4 such wonderful sunshine.  On the Wet, I mean West Coast of North Turtle Island (i.e., Canada) here, we really do live in a Rain Forest.  But it’s all worth it: when Your sun emerges in all its ferocity, rain-drenched trees and plants shin splendidly in glistening green.

I used to live in a huge Asian city where you often couldn’t see buildings a few blocks away due to the smog.  But here, in the Wet Coast of North Turtle Island, we can gaze as far as the horizon.  What a wonder!

There’s a man practising Tai Qi.  That’s s.t. I definitely wanna learn.  Not today, coz I have tons of studying to do, but hopefully in the coming months.  If my father who is nearing 80 could just learn Tai Qi, he’d have a great way to limber up his bones, joints & muscles, instead of just sitting on his dufus all day watching TV.  Yes, Tai Qi is ideal to get your body moving; it’s esp. suitable for older folks.

A man walking backwards thru the park; mama mia, I’m back in Asia!  I remember I’d be walking thru parks there, observing old dudes slapping their bodies all over, or shouting “huh-ho!” several times to release the “Qi”, spiritual & physical air.

Ah, a grove!  Thank You, Yah, we haven’t totally f*ed up our environment yet!

There’s a tiny white half moon staring @ me from the midst of the light blue sky. Yah, You have anybody up there dancing?

The birds are chirping so joyously here in the mini-forest!  They must be happy ’bout s.t.!  Happy to be alive . . . 

Hey, an abandoned motocross bike lying on the side of the trail.  The hoodied teen who was carrying a stereo or s.t. else huge & heavy must be delivering it to s.o. who lives beside the park. He’d better get back here soon b4 s.o. comes over & nicks it!

Joggers.  Dog walkers.  Still more twittering and crowing birds.  Grass waving in the cool morning air under the watching eye & beaming rays of Mr. Sun, Your buddy.

Thanks for my wife, my constant companion, my best friend.  We are one, we complete each other.  We kick each other’s asses & keep each other in line.  We make babies . . . well, Yah, please give us one . . . or two . . .

Thanks for my son, he’s a trooper & Picasso (w/o the sadistic violence).  May Your force be with him all his days . . . 

Jets circling overhead, ready to land at YVR, the huge AP in my hometown, the land which belongs to the local First Nations, all the Salish including Musqueam, Tsawassen, Kwantlen, Squamish, Stolo, etc.  We white men brought our technology . . . and our diseases.  We wiped out the indigenous people through at least 3 rounds of epidemics killing 80+% of them each time, through relocating them forcefully on to sub-standard land, away from the Eden they have enjoyed for millennia.  We kidnapped their kids for at least 100 years & forced them into 8+ years each into cruel Residential Schools, who were lorded over by monstrous Catholic & Protestant teachers who beat their language, culture & dignity out of them.  We gave them low quality housing & health care & education in an attempt to “kill the Indian & save the man”, but all that resulted was thousands of broken, disgruntled people.  

They survived, thank You, Lord.  They, in Your strength , and w/Your wisdom, lived to see another day.  They continue to struggle and resist this evil Matrix we white people have imposed on them, and which PM Stephen Harper and Premier Christy Clark continue to imprison them and the rest of us in.  

Yah, thanks for Your wonderful nation, the blessing U have donated to us as a non-taxable charitable benefit.  And Yahweh, please lift the curse on our land resulting from our European genocide of First Nations.  I stand on their side.  You have opened my eyes.  I will fight with the First Nations, the original inhabitants of this land, and its rightful owners.  And resist the Agent Smiths and all their deception.  Harper, Clark & your corporate & political cronies, BE WARNED.

Redneck Canadians, we’re coming for you!

Wow, great songs from these rhapsodising whistling birds around me!  Hot sun beams toasting up my bod!  Thanks again, Yah!

Even a white can be changed by Yah’s touch.  Even the descendant of oppressors can make a 180 degree turn from Agent Smithing others and begin to fight for justice in Turtle Island (North America).  

I fight for Your name which has been “blasphemed among the nations” due to what we Europeans who falsely claimed Your name have done.  

My son texts me: “Can u get me some raisn brand [sic: Raisin Bran, a breakfast cereal with bran flakes and raisins] while ur out there”.  There are no supermarkets open yet at 8 am, so I’ll opt to venture to Tim Horton’s, Canada’s state church, to buy some grub for my hungry kid.  At least I have my bank card w/me.

Noisy, clanging trucks clambering down the busy road near the park here.  Sounds like a bloody war zone.  Guess it’s for a good cause: transporting all the shart we buy in the places we shop at.

Down this cement sidewalk I can hear the sound of my own runner, with clanging semi trucks yo-yoing up and down on the nearby obviously-not-completely-smooth avenue.  I can hear myself breathing quietly.  Just a few seconds ago I had to flex my stomach muscles jes’ to stand up from sitting on the roadside wooden barrier.  Padre Dios, please heal my lower back.  I’ve been doing exercises on a yoga mat, sit-ups et al, and dieting with a 111 day juice-only fast (I’m on Day 21 now, enjoying every minute of it!) in order to strengthen my core & drop a shipload of excess weight.  My wife makes me pure fruit smoothies from a blender, wonderful!

And also veggie smoothies that I can heat up on the stove & throw in slat, pepper & throw in salt, pepper & ginger as soup.  Yum yum!  I wanna emerge as a Lean Mean Fighting Machine when this is all over in October.  This is the Summer of my Dis-Content(edness)!  My back will surely thank me for the lighter load.  And I thank U for the strength & willpower to just “Wah Wah”, a Northern West Coast Tsimshian First Nation term meaning “Just do it” (1).  

Cars, cars, cars.  I once read a book back in 2008 stating that a big chunk of our environmental worries come from our polluting vehicles.  Even hybrid or electric cars will not help the situation, because they in their popularity will be owned by more and more people (think: billions) and end up rotting and polluting the earth in a landfill one day.  Not to mention all the pollution created simply to make these beasts in the factories.  

At Tim Horton’s I buy some wraps, hashbrowns and a raspberry smoothie for my son, then sit outside and talk to some Vietnamese dudes.  They’re surprised I can speak their language.  One brother has a new wife, fresh from Cambodia 8 months ago.  Good on them.  We discuss kids and taxes, our fave topics.

I then walk to a local grocery store and sniff the bouquets of flowers beside the front door.  The Punjabi owner who knows me flags me in.  We chat, and he tells me he’s still looking for someone to buy his business so that he can move back to India.  After a tour, and a bunch of explanations from him and photo-taking by me, he tells me he’ll pay a commission if I help him find a buyer.  I’m happy about this.  A win-win situation.  I end up buying the flowers for a discount to bribe, I mean, impress, my wife.  So I depart from the little shop after a parting comment, and venture home to my hungry son and awakening wife.

At home now, enjoying their company.  Oh,  forgot to pray about my new business and spiritual mission.  We’ll intercede for the warring nations and world peace later.

BUSINESS: Please, Yah, assist my wife and me to get our asses in gear to pass the LLQP (Life License) test this month, and build our new business, with support from our excellent team across the bridge.  Then we can plant a new team here near our house.  Please bless our future customers and team-mates.  

We look forward to continuing success, although I’m not stupid (well, at least not in this): it’s going to be mighty challenging at times.  No prob: Fight with your back to the river (“Bei shui yi zhan”, 背水一战, see the story behind the proverb here), i.e., win or die . . . It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog . . . blablabla 🙂

SPIRITUAL MISSION:  Lord, I was a bit dismayed to find that the name of the Movements I would like to initiate in Turtle Island (North America) and around the world has been taken, at least in part.  I had the idea of “MESSANISM” for the movements, and “MESSIANISTS” for the followers.  But after a Google search, I find that there is this worldwide movement of people following this branch of Christendom with Yeshua as their Lord and wrapped in Jewish cultural garb.  So I really don’t wish to get our movements mixed up with theirs.  Until I hear those folks renounce Christianity in its present warmongering, poor-oppressing form, I won’t partner with them.  

I’m not blaming the Messianic Jews, or their Gentile (non-Jew) compatriots, I’m just saying that they have to go the next step and separate themselves completely from the evils of globalisation, Anglo-American and all other imperialisms, war, violence, oppression of indigenous peoples, kicking the poor while they’re down, etc.  If you can’t stand up for justice, as it says over and over and over again in the Sacred Scriptures, then your religion is worth shart, my word for feces, excrement.  I’m not joking.  We’ve had enough of Matrix religion, including any atheism, agnosticism, polytheism, or F*ed Up-ism that partners with the Agent Smiths of this planet in killing people in their jobs and communities, animals in meat factories, and flora and fauna of the environment.  Fighting this Matrix, and its religious and political supporters, standing against the Herods, Sadducees & Pharisees of our day, is a top requirement of anyone who wants to do the right thing.  

As Zac de la Rocha said in the Rage Against The Machine song called “Fistful of Steel”: 

Something about silence makes me sick
‘Cause silence can be violent
Sorta like a slit wrist

Just like the Sacred Scriptures say in Proverbs 31:8-9 (New International Version):

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Man, if you can’t do that, your religion, your politics, your whatever, is WORTH SHART!

Anyways, I want to help birth a movement, no, a SERIES of movements, that are prophetic (think: Old Testament prophets) and also cutting edge.  Cutting edge in terms of relevant to the peeps all around, but not compromising with the Matrix and its Agent Smiths.  

Guess we can’t call it “MESSIANISM”, coz many folks’ll get it mixed up with these Messianic Judaism people.  So how about “MESSIANIC LIBERATIONISTS”?  I was thinking of a non-religious philosophy called “LIBERATIONISM” which features:

– anti-Monarchy: calling on North Turtle Island to completely separate from the United Kingdom

– anti-war

– extremely critical of both capitalism and also Right and Left, the heads and tails of the Coin of the Frickin’ Matrix, the System that oppresses us all

– speak up for the common Joe

– speak up and stand with for indigenous people around the world, and for us here in Turtle Island (Canada & US), for the First Nations and Native Americans

– against handouts that immobilise people and make them lazy slaves of the governments, banks, charities or whoever else is doing the handing out.  Learn to fish, don’t just sit on your anatomy and expect others to hand you free fish.

– etc.

Sounds like a nice menu, no?

So our Messianism features these things, but also recognises and follows Yeshua as the Messiah, the Son of Yahweh and Creator of this universe, the only One we can rely on to strengthen us to fight the Matrix and get us all on our way toward Yah’s Kingdom, Zion, the Promised Land, Heaven, whatever you wanna call it.  Not saying that this life here on Mother Earth doesn’t count, or that we focus all our efforts on the “Pie in the Sky in the Sweet By and By”, no no.  I’m saying that we have to have more than this life as our vantage point.  Both Now and Then count.  Both the present and the hereafter.  To have a bright Hereafter, we have to be ready for the Judgment Day, where we all stand before the Creator and give an account for all our actions.  And this fact means that the Present is Pre-eminent: everything we think, say and do counts supremely.  Yes, why? you ask.  Everything counts simply (1) because of the effects on the here and now, and also (2) because of what Yahweh thinks both now and in the future.  We are all accountable to Him.  And, by the way, I say “Him” out of convenience, although Yahweh, the Creator of the universe, is neither male nor female.  He is watching us now, and we WILL meet him on the day He has appointed to judge the world – Judgment Day, or J-Day.

Are you ready for J-Day?  Do you give a damn?  You should.  If you don’t, hey, that’s your choice.  Me, I wanna be ready.  

And to be ready means I will put my full effort in the Messianic Liberationist Movements and also in its secular counterpart Liberationism which partners with anyone of any religious or philosophical stripe as long as they agree with Liberationism’s Core Values.  

Stay tuned for more about Messianic Liberationist Movements and Liberationism.  They will be powerful.


Oh yeah, getting carried away, sorry, Yahweh.  Preaching to the peeps rather than talking to You.  Well, dear Lord, You rock.  I’m impressed with You every minute of every day.  Thanks for the chance to start afresh, to live another day on this planet, to enjoy life in all its fullness.  Thanks for being You, for Your mercy that flows like the Wet Coast of North Turtle Island’s incessant rains.  Thanks for the Justice You bring that flows like the rivers of Southern Salish Land (BC) in the Salish (Fraser) Valley.  You win, and I always want to be on the Winning Team.  

Cheers to You, and cheers to all the peeps spying on my blayers (blog prayers),



“The time to release people and governments from economic dependency is at hand.  To reinvigorate hope and attain these goals, we need to act directly and expediently.  In the language of my tribe, the Tsimshian of the Pacific Northwest Coast, this is termed Wai Wah – which means “Just do it.”  In deciding on the course of action to advance from economic dependendy to self-reliance, we must further heed the wisdom of John F. Kennedy, who wrote that we should ‘not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes [and our true potential]’ (p. 25, Calvin Helin, The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance, Ravencrest Publishing: St Louis, Missouri, 2011)





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