Are North American Christians the Anti-Christ?

The Anti-Christ?

I remember in the early 80s when American Christians were starting to become obsessed with the identity of the Anti-Christ.  There were all the books by Hal Lindsey (The Late Great Planet Earth, There’s A New World Coming), Salem Kirban, etc.  

Unlocking your bowels?  Is this really what Evangelical Christians have been doing all along?  If you’d like to know that answer, go ask a First Nations/Native American who encountered the “love” of Evangelical Settlers who shot them, donated diseases to them, stole their land, then dared sing about “loving Jesus” or seeing the “light” “at the cross, at the cross” with some “amazing grace”.  Or ask a Chinese or Hawaiian or African etc whose great-grandparents and grandparents were forced here on ships and made to labour for nothing.

There’s been CENTURIES of Evangelical Bowel Unlocking going on, and it’s time to STOP IT!!!

Fast forward to 2008.  F*ed up, racist Christians in Canada and US began wondering if Barak Obama was the Anti-Christ, just because they were jealous of him and discriminating toward him.  Just coz he’s a way better speaker than Bush ever was, he wasn’t the American Evangelical Darling like Bush was, and he is black.  None of these KKK in disguise ever wondered if Dick Cheney, the REAL power behind the Bush dynasty, was the Anti-Christ.  I mean, torture as normal US policy?  2 wars?  Shooting your friend’s face off while duck hunting?  Map for a New American Century meaning war, war and more war?  

Haven’t we had enough war?  Every day at my office, which also hosts ESL classes for immigrants, I see dozens of Christian and Muslim Iraqis.  Why are they here?  Coz Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rove and all their f*ed up buddies decided that the oil in Iraq was something the US need to secure – through war.  This is as against every single principle Yeshua the Messiah stood for, and then some.  Who is the REAL Anti-Christ?

And Turtle Island Evangelical and Catholic (and other) Christians who support Fascists like Cheney and Bush, Stephen Harper, etc?  Perhaps the ones who campaign for, vote for, and generally sympathise with are also, along with their heroes, the Anti-Christ.  Hey, they stand against the Prince of Peace in all that He said and did.  “Love your neighbour as yourself” means loving their own kind, which they still don’t do.  Not to mention neglecting love to Iraqis, Afghanis, Muslims in general, Mormons, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, atheists, gays, First Nations, Native Americans, blacks, and the list goes on.  

Christians of North America, I am so glad and relieved I officially left your flock back in January 2012.  After 30+ years.  You officially have a new enemy.  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy the fight for the next several decades!  No violence now, please!  Just words now . . . Can you handle that?  

And guess what, the more you rant and rave, the more enemies you will create.  Now is the time for the Great Backlash.  And don’t hang your sorry heads and declare that this is anti-Christian persecution.  #1 – you’re not Christ-like, coz that’s what “Christian” means.  You have so abused the title that I am ashamed to carry it, and have relabelled myself a “Messianist” or “Messianic Liberationist”.  

May Yah strengthen me to fight for His true Kingdom, which is a Kingdom of love, peace and joy, as opposed to the Empire of oppression, abuse, war, genocide and other general poo-poo you have supported since the time of Constantine.  Including the Catholic centuries of darkness, including your moronic Reformation with idiot leaders such as Jean Calvin who murdered Michael Servetus, and Martin Luther whose last book commanded Christians to burn Jewish villages.  Including your impure Puritans and others who cowardly ran away when the situation got too hot for them in England, so they high-tailed it to Turtle Island (North America), where they like their brother the Devil stole from, killed and destroyed Native Americans, then due to Euro Laziness brought in slaves and coolies from Africa, China, India, Hawaii, etc.  

The entire founding of North America was based on genocide: tens of millions of indigenous peoples, within the short span of a few decades, died from European diseases, theft of lands, forced relocation, residential/boarding schools, grabbing of natural resources, outright murder a la “Indian Hunters” at a few bucks per scalp, etc.  These are your forefathers, you Satan-lovers.  No wonder Muslims and a host of other nationalities, religions and philosophies see you as the Great Satan!  They’re right!

And I know you won’t repent until you collapse.  It’s coming, believe me, it’s coming.  

Babylon is falling, Babylon is falling, Babylon is falling.

Falling real hard.

Every read all the Scriptures in the Bible on Babylon.  Well, that’s you.  Every time you look at it, say “I” and “me” and “my”.  

Am I going overboard?  Being too harsh on the poor Christians?  Well, if they had been atheists, maybe we could understand.  They would, at least in their minds, have no holy God to be accountable to.  But Christians?  They believe in the Bible, including all the verses on loving neighbours, on helping the poor, on Yeshua being the Prince of Peace, on Judgment Day.  They say they believe it all.  But instead of Jesus Living, we see support for every cotton-picking war the US gets itself into, pro-guns, racism, worship of money, rudeness, violence, oppression of women, gays, abortionists, Muslims, First Nations/Native Americans, etc, obsession with the end of the world, sending out missionaries worldwide to reproduce disciples who are 2x the sons of Hell that they are, and the list is endless.  No wonder Christians are on the bottom of everyone’s “Like” List.  Even God doesn’t “like” them.  No thumbs up for you, boys and girls.

Anyways, enough of my ranting.  Here‘s an extraordinary post I found, enjoy:

Letters: Pseudo Christians can be antichrist                      July 07, 2012

Records show 86 percent of Americans believe in God and most of them claim to be Christians. We say this country was founded on Christian principles. However, our lives and history tell another story. Here are a few examples:

During the Crusades, knights went to save the Holy Land. In the name of God and with the blessing and support of the church they slaughtered millions of people. Also, Christians came to America and almost destroyed the native population. We said God gave us this right and called it “Manifest Destiny.” We bought and sold slaves and treated them in an unchristian-like manner. We fight with other denominations and burn their places of worship. We kill abortion doctors and nurses and bomb clinics. We hate people because they don’t worship, look or act like us. We are ready to war with any nation who disagrees. All of this for God’s sake.

What happened to charity, forgiveness, loving kindness, do unto others, turn the other cheek, pray for your enemies and take care of the poor, elderly and needy?

We need another way to describe ourselves.

No doubt, according to the Scripture, our salvation is secure, but being a Christian has to mean more than talking the talk. If our actions do not show it, we should stop saying we are Christians. We could call it “pseudo Christianity” or say we are practicing Christians because we are surely doing it wrong.

We need to earn the right to call ourselves Christians. By their fruits you will know them. All we see is lemons.

The “Christian” community has long asked the question, “Who is the antichrist”? Through the ages we have given that name to everyone who disagreed with us. We know very little about him except he will deceive us by doing great things and make us think it came from God.

Now we know who he really is. He is us!

Connie Hodgeson

Retired plant worker

Baton Rouge

Wow.  I’m in North Turtle Island (Canada).  Our evangelicals are pretty bad here, but the South Turtle Islander evangelicals in the US are 10x worse!  I’m so lucky I don’t live down there, or else I’d be stressed half the time arguing with Pharisees everywhere I go.  Well, I guess if Yeshua had to put up with “same poop, different day” all the time, I should suck it up and accept it.  

Anyways . . . Connie, hats off to you!  You are my Superstar!  Here’s a vid 4 u:

And one with lyrics in English:

Note: Just joking around, Connie.  Love your hubby.  My wife is my Superstar, and I don’t worship her, although deep reverence and awe are an appropriate response in a marriage relationship.

Peace out to y’all!



Please give me a BREAK!!!
Time is running out for the Facists!!!
You mean: the End of North American Evangelical Fascism???  If so, 3 CHEERS!!!  Hip, hip, HOORAH!!!

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