The Canadian Experience Requirement: Is It Legitimate?

I have been working for years and years helping immigrants find jobs.  And they inevitably return to my office after a few jaunts outside, and say to me, “Dimitri, most of those employers out there want something called Canadian Experience?  But I only arrived last month, so how can I get this experience?”

At this point, I pull out a suitcase, open it up, pick up a strangely-shaped object and reply, “I will sell this Canadian Experience to you for $10 per kilogram.  You cannot get it cheaper elsewhere!  This is guaranteed to convince employers that you genuinely DO have Canadian Experience!”

Joking aside, this whole issue is an ongoing saga of Canadian employers with their heads still stuck in the sand, and immigrants to Canada, who cannot  for the lives of them figure out what is this mystery of Canadian Experience. 

People (like me) tell them to go out and:

(1) Volunteer

. . . but we seldom mention that most volunteer jobs are bringing tea to little old ladies, or helping bratty kids with their homework. A far cry from the professional jobs these immigrants did overseas.

(2) Do an Internship

Join an official federal, provincial or local program that allows you to work for free and get a reference from a Canadian employer proving that you indeed can do the job and communicate like anyone else in Canada.

(3) Network

Even though you’re new and don’t know anyone.  Not to mention that you are nearly broke after paying for all the unexpected expenses that shockingly confront you month after month in your new life in Canada.

(4) Go Back to School

. . . and make the technical institutes, colleges and universities a lot more money than they are making now . . .

In reality, immigrants may often end up:

(1) Giving Up and Leaving Canada

(2) Start Growing and Selling Marijuana from Their Basements

(3) Work for Cash

(4) Join a Gang

(5) Join a Money Laundering Scheme

(6) Join a Revolutionary Movement to Topple Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government, as well as the Provincial Governments

. . . if they have time they can topple the local governments . . .

(7) Writing Blogs about How Stupid Canadians Are . . .

(8) Or the Most Common Reaction: LIE!!!!

The list goes on . . . 


Here are some websites re: the “Requirement” of Canadian Experience:

Knock yourself out!




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