Blayer Near the End of July

Dear Chichelh Siyam (1), 亲爱的创造者(2),Djære Skaper(3),  Dear Creator,

Tsel ts’ithome !  我感谢你!Jeg takker deg!  I thank You!

Ma:l, Li chexw we eyo?  你好吗?Hvor er du?  How are You?

What a glorious day!

Thanks for being by my side!

Thank You for my daily soup, which my wife made for me.  And thanks for my excellent Proverbs 31 wife!  She’s a real GEM!

With my Juice Diet since Father’s Day, a whopping 44 days, I started at 195 and now weigh in at 172 pounds.  Let’s keep going!

And yesterday I failed my LLQP Pre-test for a 3rd time.  That made me all the more determined to beat it in August!  Also determined to get on the Board of the Insurance Council of B.C. and CHANGE THE BLOODY TEST!  With my background of 20 years in Teaching, I find that this exam does NOT really test you for your knowledge of the insurance field.

The BC LLQP tests you on:

(1) Whether you can hold your bladder for 4+ hours.  Really, you can’t take a leak during the entire exam!  Sounds like Navy Seals training rather than an Insurance exam!

(2) How well you can figure out tricky Multiple Choice questions.  It’s a matter of Marshall McLuhan’s “THE MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE” axiom.  How so?  Because you are so focussed on the FORMAT of the exam, and how to beat it, that the CONTENT becomes irrelevant.  It’s an issue of not seeing the forest for all the trees.

(3) A bunch of case scenarios that you have neither seen, heard, nor experienced, because as a non-licensed person, you haven’t had a chance to go out into the field much and help people with their insurance needs.  In other words, all this study is like reading a Swimming Textbook for tens of hours, and NEVER JUMPING INTO THE WATER!

(4) How to pace yourself for 4 hours.  Can you rush through a set of 140 Qs in that set amount of time?

(5) Written in LAWYER’S ENGLISH.  And how about your English second (or 3rd/4th/5th) language speakers, who make up the majority of LLQP test victims?  Well, suck it up, immigrant, coz this test’s English level is HAAARRRRDDD!  Of course the Insurance Council of B.C. never bothered to study the Plain English Standard to simply and clarify their materials, and make them user-friendly.  Why, of course not, they’re trying to give you the false impression that they are PROFESSIONAL, which means, talking in a fracking language that no one but their own inner circle understands.

Needless to say, we need people to get on that Board of Directors and shake up this Old Boys Club.  The sooner, the better!

In the meanwhile, suck it up and suffer, baby, coz this LLQP Exam is the Matrix you have to deal with!

                                         All my LLQP Study Paraphernalia!
Our LLQP Study Textbook
My trusty Business Calculator, which I can’t use in the exam
Sample Case Study Exam from the educational website
My Study Cardzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, Lord, Give me the kinnuckers to pass this exam in the next couple weeks.  Then go on to my CFP.  And make some real coin for my family while I’m at it.

Proverbs 30:7-9

Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

[God,] I have asked two things of you;
don’t deny them to me as long as I live —
keep falsehood and futility far from me,
and give me neither poverty nor wealth.
Yes, provide just the food I need today;
for if I have too much, I might deny you
and say, “Who is Adonai?”
And if I am poor, I might steal
and thus profane the name of my God.

Ah, the simple life!

You are great, oh Lord!  May Your Name be honoured in my life and those lives around me today!





(1) Halkomelem, the REAL language of Vancouver & the Fraser Valley!

(2) Chinese

(3) Norwegian

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