Responding to John Price’s The End of America: The Real Reason for America’s Downfall

I wrote this letter to John.  He claims that the US is Babylon of the Bible.  I believe this to be true, but I would include ALL countries that are currently in bed with America, including Canada where I live.

Here’s the letter:

Hi John, an American friend gave me your book while we were living in Beijing back in 2010.  Interesting stuff.  And you are right in this point: the US is Babylon.  But Babylon includes all of America’s allies, the entire West.

Islam is not the problem.  It’s the weight of our own sin that will drag us down into the abyss.  As the Chinese proverb goes: “Duo xing bu yi (More unjust actions), bi zi bi (& you’ll fall by your own weight)”.

Just to let you know: I read your 1979 book America At The Crossroads just after I became a new believer in 1981.   It motivated me to intercede for North America like there was no tomorrow.

Well, there was a tomorrow, and there still will be, but as you in Crossroads, and DC Talk in their anti-racism song “Coloured People” said: “REPENTANCE IS THE CURE”.  

GOING TO THE ROOT: I believe that America, & Canada for that matter, from Day One, were moving against God and His words when the Europeans got off their boats and began their expansion in the Americas.  I’m talking the Spanish, French, British, etc.  The biggest genocide in human history occurred at the hands of Europeans, wreaked upon Natives, Africans, Chinese labourers, etc.  Millions died, and the rest were treated no more than dogs.

LET’S NOT SHIFT THE BLAME ANYWHERE ELSE: The culprits?  People who claimed the name of Christ.  In fact, the Europeans didn’t have the right Messiah, the Prince of Peace.  No, they were serving the God of War, someone altogether different than Yahweh of the Bible.  Now Babylon will reap what she has sown.  “They sow the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind. ” (Hosea 7:4 WEB) America, Canada & the other nations of the Americas were never serving Yahweh.  We’ve always been serving the devil, for murderers cannot be true servants of Yahweh.  This is true Babylon, and her day has come.

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