OWNING UP TO 500 YEARS OF GENOCIDE (Set Up Messianic Meetings & 1st discuss this)

Hey, I know people like to meet for a good time, to make friends, learn something, etc. However, this issue is of the utmost urgent nature. While British Columbians are more concerned about their increasing debt, Wii games, Twitter posts, weekends away in their RVs, next episode of the latest reality show, etc., sooner or later we all have to face the Hard Reality: this entire continent, Turtle Island as some natives call it, was founded on Genocide. Apart from the First Nations, we’re all to blame, especially people like me of European extraction. All the other immigrants equally enjoy a System made by us Euros, on the backs of First Nations.

From the moment Christopher Columbus, whose name ironically means “Christ-announcing Peace-bearer”, arrived on the shores of Turtle Island, in 1492, an unceasing tsunami of Genocide was unleashed against this continent’s original inhabitants. Whether the Spanish, French, British (ESPECIALLY THE BRITISH) or anyone else, the Europeans proceeded on a program of systematic extermination of First Nations people: raping, pillaging, murdering, kidnapping, stealing land and resources, forcing into Residential / Boarding Schools, pushing on them a twisted form of religion that was the Polar Opposite of the Sacred Scriptures’ main themes.

If Yeshua the Messiah came to Turtle Island now, one of the first things He would say is that ALL WE NON-NATIVES NEED TO REPENT OF THE GENOCIDE. “Repent” is a fancy theological word meaning to switch sides, to change your attitude, to turn 180 degrees.

Until we own up to this Dark Secret lodged in the depths of every one of our souls, we cannot have a decent relationship with Yahweh, the Creator of the universe. The land we occupy cries out with the blood of all the murdered natives. Our nations have a curse on them. We are absolutely guilty of destroying thousands of indigenous cultures and replacing it with an oppressive Matrix that hurts people, not just natives, but every one of us, until this day.

And the Fall of the US and Canadian Empires, along with Europe, is imminent. Our sins have found us out. Yahweh comes knocking at our doors, requiring of us an account for our genocide and marginalisation of First Nations here and around the globe.

Until we get this straightened out, there is no use playing and chatting and planning future get-togethers. That’s too trivial.

But if we own up to 500 years of Genocide, and switch to the First Nations’ Side, and reconnect with our Creator, whom the Salish of Vancouver and the Valley call “Chichelh Siyam”, then we can move on to great things. Then there is a chance that Yahweh can again call us His kids, and we can live free and healthy lives, living out the Messiah’s decrees of freedom, love and justice on Mother Earth.

You’re either a part of the System, or against it.

It’s time to stand up and be counted.

Join us for a meeting to discuss these matters on Wednesday, August 8th, 7 pm. If no rain, in Guildford Heights Park at 10310 – 154 Street, Surrey (http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/2152.aspx). If it’s raining, then we can go to the nearby McDonald’s at 10250 152 Street, Surrey (http://mcdonaldsrestaurants-152-surrey.foodpages.ca/).

The foundation for any new movement is repentance, a changed attitude toward Yahweh, ourselves, our neighbours, especially the oppressed. That means opposing rather than contributing to the Matrix, this System of Oppression that is quickly winding down here in Turtle Island (North America). Only changed people can make changes in society. As the practitioners of the new sport of Parkour say “Be strong to be useful”. Our main weakness is ignorance and contribution to this oppressive system. We all need to wake up, shake off the cobwebs of apathy, come together, and form movements that are here to make a huge difference on Turtle Island.

Will you join me and my family in this?

My email is dimitri.pravdinATmail.ru. Any Qs, just email me.



About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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