Canadian Apartheid – Do You Care?

I remember a few years ago when if was quite trendy to boycott and speak against the white government of South Africa.  After all, what right did a bunch of Europeans have to control a piece of Africa?  And kill or oppress the local people while you’re at it?

There were the likes of U2 and Peter Gabriel singing against the white regime in South Africa.  There was the movie Cry Freedom with Denzel Washington playing Stephen Biko.  There was a lot of outcry against those white colonisers from Holland and the U.K.

Well, folks, it seems that few people really give a rip about a similar situation in Canada.  We have an Apartheid System here.  Want to compare?

Here are some articles that do just that:




About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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