120 CLUB – You Wanna Join?

Crazy. Can anyone live to 120? Can we plan our life based on the hope of living to 120? Or should we base it on the average life expectancy of the our nation’s citizens? 

Check it out: Here’s a list of life expectancies in different types of countries:

Population longevities can be seen as increasing due to increases in life expectancies around the world:

  • Spain:. . . . . 81.02 years in 2002, 82.31 years in 2005
  • Australia: . . 80 years in 2002, 80.39 years in 2005
  • Italy:. . . . . . 79.25 years in 2002, 79.68 years in 2005
  • France: . . . .79.05 years in 2002, 79.60 years in 2005
  • Germany: . . 77.78 years in 2002, 78.65 years in 2005
  • UK: . . . . . . 77.99 years in 2002, 78.4 years in 2005
  • USA: . . . . . 77.4 years in 2002, 77.7 years in 2005

(Taken from this Wikipedia article on Longevity)

My plan: to live to 120, Yah willing. That means, if the Lord God of the universe decides to, He can let me live to 120 years old. Sure, I might get cancer this month, or get hit by a car on Saturday night, or . . . who cares? I don’t live my life based on “what if”‘s. That’s how the worldwide insurance industry makes its money, by scaring consumers with “what if?” Don’t buy into it, people. Live your life in Yahweh’s presence, expecting Him to take care of you every step of the way. If you make it to 120, super, if only to 72, well, whatever. At least you did your best.

So, what do I need to do to get there?

Read this page about TIPS ON LIVING TO 120

Read here about the global consequences of more people living longer, healthier lives.



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