Overcoming Discouragement

We all get discouraged, I am sure.  Discouragement comes, I believe, when we are actually doing something right: setting goals and working toward fulfilling them.

However, when we don’t reach our goals as quickly as we’d like, we often feel discouraged disheartened and disappointed.

How do we deal with this?

We could work harder, work smarter, and do all we can to better reach our goals.

Or we could lower our standards, making goals that are more easily attainable.

Or we can simply re-strategise, re-group, take a few deep breaths, and keep plugging away at our goals and dreams.


I think I prefer the 3rd option, at least at this point of my life.

For me, I’ve been doing several activities that often have setbacks:

– studying to pass the BC provincial LLQP license in order to enter the door into a Financial Career.  I’ve failed the pre-test 3x, and now that I’m studying, for some reason I feel I’m often not “getting” it.

– trying to make a baby with my wife.  We’ve been trying since January (8 months!) and no results yet.  We both got checked out by the doctors who said we are fine.  WTF?!?

– losing weight.  This is going well.  I’ve lost over 30 pounds / 14 kilograms since June 18th (over 2 months ago), although I can still see my fat belly.

– trying to succeed in my present job when I’m lacking motivation due to low salary and little chance at advancement.  We have so much paperwork it’s not funny.  The social service agencies and the government got together and produced some guidelines that are very tough to implement in reality, such as a Guided Pathway case management system.  It is a counsellor-guided rather than client-driven program.  And clients are tough to meet a second time, after they have solved most of their problems in the initial meeting.  Nevertheless, whatever the challenges, I have to figure out this problem!

– attracting people to Messianic Liberationism.  I was trying a Meetup.com group, and got a few followers.  I even met with one of them, but he was trying to recruit me for his religion!  I decided to focus on my own neighbourhood, going out face-to-face.  But I have to figure out my approach to people, what do I say, where and when to meet, and how often, which type of people are likely to be interested, etc.  I am inquiring about venues to hold public lectures.  I thought of doing some public outreachs to help the poor, protest against the keyholders of the Matrix, etc, but I’m still brainstorming about this.  Anyways, I said to Yahweh and to myself today that I will NEVER return to church, and will pursue a Bible-based faith OUTSIDE of Christianity till the day I day, so there’s no turning back.  Even if I’m the only one to walk this path, then walk on alone I shall.  Do or die.

So for me, there’s always a temptation for me to be discouraged.

How do we counteract discouragement?

Here are some tips, hope you like them:

– if you belief in the Creator, then throw your burdens on Him.  Unbosom yourself to Him, pour out your heart to Him.  This will make you feel much better, and you will establish a much closer connection with Him.  If you don’t believe in Him, think about doing so.

– choose to be encouraged.  Your mind, your body, your feelings, your attitude – everything may be telling you to be down in the dumps.  Don’t listen to these voices.  Choose to be joyful.  Choose to overcome.  I used to sing a song to myself when I was beginning to be discouraged: “F* the devil, I’m gonna be happy, gonna be happy, happy anyway!”  Be the master over your feelings and choose to have an excellent day!

– look at your goals.  Are they SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound?  Should they be changed?  Tinkered with?  Totally overhauled?  Are their any people you can discuss your goals with?

– groom yourself.  Take a shower.  Put on some cologne or perfume.  Dress sharp.  Take care of yourself.  Love yourself.

– talk to people.  Get some supporters.  Recruit your family and friends to your side.  Go out and do some “Information Interviews” to gather more info that will help your plans for the future.

– exercise, stay in shape

– get away from screens: TV, computer, smart phone.  Recent research states that over-use of these screen-based devices causes depression and can also lead to mental illness.

Little Girl on Path - Poems of Enouragement, Courage Poems and Hope Poems

– avoid sitting too much.  Sitting has been proven to increase your risk of cancer and other critical illnesses if done for more than short periods of time.

– GOYA: get off your ass.  Work on your goals, especially the ones you have been procrastinating about.

– talk to older and wiser people.  They can provide tons of helpful encouragement.

– play with animals.  They are always fun and encouraging.

– get out into nature.  Breathe in some fresh air.  Enjoy the trees, forests, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, parks.  Nature is truly a healer and makes us more human, more connected with the universe and its Creator.

– look at your time management.  You may be wasting time doing many non-essential activities rather than spending more time on your goals.



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