Are Evangelicals More Like Cain Than Jesus?

I was impressed with one blogger’s post on “City Life: Serving God in a Pagan World “, especially in regard to Cain and city-building.

A similar theme is in Jacques Ellul’s The Meaning of the City.  I quote a fellow blogger:

The Meaning of the City is French theologian Jacques Ellul’s attempt to grapple with the soteriological meaning of urbanization. Ellul’s instinct was to be suspicious of such a development. He was similarly wary of technology [NOTE: Ellul wrote many books critiquing technology and its spiritual philosophy which he dubbed “Technique”], which he felt could fundamentally impede spirituality, so it is hardly surprising that he should depict the emergence of the city as a negative development in salvation history. Ellul traces the city’s origins to Cain. When Cain was cursed to wander the earth, he reportedly feared that someone might kill him. God responded to this fear by placing a mark on Cain to ward away potential assailants. Cain, however, was unsatisfied with the security God proffered. He sought to create his own security by the creation of the world’s first city.

Near Cain’s original city – Enoch / Uruk of ancient Mesopotamia, present south-eastern Iraq. See, &, accessed Sept 19, 2012

In Ellul’s construction, the city is a place of open rebellion against God. It is a symbol of humans’ lack of trust in God, a search for security apart from him. That is its nature; it is fundamentally opposed to him. Ellul calls it a “counter-creation” (102), man’s prideful response to God’s perfect creation.

– Chris Smith in his blogpost on Dec. 7/07 “The Meaning of the City by Jacques Ellul”, accessed Sept 18/12.

Babylon and the EU

A recent book by Morris Berman called Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline also points to a culture of violence and acquisitiveness.  Berman calls the US, and I would include Canada and all Western + Westernising countries with this, a “nation of hustlers”.

Cain is essentially the 1st “Hustler”, a person would will go to any length, including murder and violence, to build his empire, in the name of “progress”.

My 1st Q:

If Constantine and his empire-building twin spirit of violence and greed latched on to and perverted Biblical, Messianic faith, then could we not say that the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox Church, and their rebels/offspring Protestants/Anabaptists/Evangelicals all continued the program of violence + greed = their version of “progress”?  

US soldier guarding the Ishtar Gate, ancient Babylon, modern Iraq.  Irony, anyone?

 In other words, love of money, fame and power rather than love of Yahweh and neighbour seemed to be the rule of the day.  And it appears that this is the “spirit” of Cain.  He was a builder, a conqueror, an expansionist.  He was also a murderer, a wanderer and a rebel.  Perhaps his empire-building was more “anti-Progress” in the eyes of the Lord.  And perhaps Babel, Babylon, Constantine, the Vatican and its rebel children, and the West have all followed in Cain’s footsteps.


If so-called followers of “Christ” are also lovers of gain & blood-spilling, then who can we look to as messengers of truth? 

In other words, your description of the “world” and “secular civilisation” are apt portrayals of Evangelicals, Catholics & most other Westerners.  Who then is the “Godly Remnant”?

If Evangelicals and most other Westerners have succumb to love of money and glorification of blood-letting, war and incessant expansionism (ongoing “Manifest Destiny” which continues in world empire & expanding into technological & environmental realms, to the obvious detriment of tribal/indigenous peoples, workers, farmers, & anyone not part of the top brass of governments and corporations), then is there actually anyone “out there” living out and presenting the truth?

If we ask Native Americans who has acted in the spirit of Cain, worshipping their own images in their city-building, expansionist, bloody empires, they would answer, “Why of course, Europeans.”  The same answer would come from the lips of Africans, Chinese and other Asians, Australian Aboriginals, etc.  And which ideology propelled Westerners?  Enlightenment ideals?  Secularism?  Atheism?  Gnosticism?  Masonism?

It’s easy to point the finger everywhere but in our own direction.  Is it not us?  Have we who claim to buy into Yahweh’s covenants and promises, the ones who assume His Name, the ones who have committed to love the Creator and His creatures above all, actually fallen for the spirit of Cain, of Babel, of Babylon?  Is it not our Empire that will collapse in the closing chapters of Revelation?

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

I hope to find the Remnant.  I long to see those who are messengers of truth in a dark world.  But I find scant few among Evangelicals.  They seem to have bought into the “Spirit of Cain / Babel / Babylon”, with its love of unlimited economic, political & social expansionism, and its denigration of those who pursue true community, neighbourliness, simplicity and spirituality.  Isn’t this the latter more in line with the teachings, life and legacy of our resurrected Lord, the bona-fide Messiah of not only the Jews, but the nations of the world also?  

When will the real followers of Yeshua (Jesus) stand up?




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