First Nations: If You Can’t Wipe Them Out, Stick Them in Jail

Today there is an article in the news showing how Stephen Harper and his neo-Conservative henchmen (and a few women) are continuing to marginalise First Nations in Canada.

Number of aboriginal women in prison at crisis levels, federal report shows

Here is a snippet:

The number of aboriginal women behind bars has mushroomed to crisis proportions in Canada in the last decade, according to a report prepared for the federal Public Safety Department.

And while it didn’t create the problem, the Conservative government’s “tough on crime agenda” will make it worse, the report says, according to The Canadian Press.

The report, entitled Marginalized, was prepared by a consulting firm and released recently by Public Safety, CP reported.

It calls for “aggressive action” but was pessimistic the problem would be addressed.

“It is highly unlikely that the issues of such a marginalized population will receive the attention and resources necessary to even begin to address the multitude of issues,” the report says.

Think about it: first you hop on ships and sail over from England & other European haunts.   Then you systematically pass on diseases to the First Nations here, murder them, embark on a Scorched Earth policy and wipe out their villages.  Then you take the 10% who are lucky enough to survive, and push them off their land on to crappy little scraps of earth with rocks, very hard to cultivate.  Then you restrict their fishing and hunting, depriving them of the means to provide food for their families.  Then you restrict their movement, forcing them for decades to acquire a pass from a government-appointed Indian Agent who controls their every movement.

After that, you kidnap their kids, stick them in boarding schools, cut their hair, beat them, forbid their languages, use Christian missionaries to brainwash them into following a religion that is the polar OPPOSITE of the Bible and its premise of “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

After the kids get out of these prison-like residential schools for 10 years, you send them back to the reserve, with zero relationship with their parents and relatives, minimal knowledge and skills, resentment against an oppressive “master race” called the Anglo-Canadians, and little hope for the future.

Then you ensure that all the settlers from Europe you brought over to take over the best of First Nations’ land never hire a native person.

No jobs, low education, loss of culture and language, alienation from their communities.  Leaders among their own people who are carefully selected by the Anglos to rule the natives in their stead.  Millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars first sucked up by the Caucasian-dominated Bureau of Indian and Northern Affairs, the leftovers thrown to the government-friendly chiefs who distribute the money to their immediate families and give the pittance table scraps to their own people.

Then you ensure that drugs, alcohol and prescription pills are steadily provided via white (and perhaps Judas-like natives) pushers to en-trance First Nations people, youth especially, into a Zombie-ish state.  Otherwise, healthy native people will band together and fight their evil oppressors.  The federal and provincial governments are well aware of this, so they throw out more table scraps as “Bread and Circuses” to suppress aboriginal people.

Then you incarcerate First Nations’ people at an alarming rate, far above the national rate for other groups.   Your boarding schools have been closed since the 1980s, so you develop a new strategy where you send provincial Child and Family Services’ staff to kidnap aboriginal kids from their parents.  You claim that they’re too poor, the housing is insufficient.  No wonder.  You are the main culprits for this dismal situation.  You say that the kids are being abused.  Often not, but when it is true, blame yourselves for this: providing all the addictive substances to the reserves and urban, off-reserve natives, ensuring that all the European and other settlers don’t hire them, forcing them to stay on crappy, remote land that they can’t even develop freely because it’s considered “Crown Land”.  And First Nations people have internalised the oppression from the Caucasian governments and settlers, and start abusing one another.

You Canadians create Hellish conditions for the First Nations, and you get Hellish results.

Realise this:

1 – The Creator of the universe has been watching you all along.  He definitely won’t let you get away with this.

That is, your days of ruling the roost will swiftly come to an end.  Prepare yourselves.

2 – First Nations are going to rise up in a big way.  And I hope that they and their leaders will be committed to Non-Violence, as Mahatma Gandhi and the Indians fighting the occupying British were.

You have occupied the First Nations’ country for too long.  Your tenure will soon be up.

3 – Your only hope is to change your attitude, away from oppression, pride and complacency, and toward respect for First Nations.

Since I really doubt the majority of non-First Nations will turn to a new attitude and way of dealing with Canadian aboriginals, changing will probably mean SWITCHING SIDES.

Yes, instead of fighting WITH & FOR the Caucasians and all the immigrants (and traitor First Nations) who work with them, you will fight AGAINST them.

Non-violently.  But actively resisting, fighting, in-your-face against oppressors who work for Big Brother and the Matrix.

Like Gandhi and friends.

If you believe in truth, in justice, in respect for your fellow humans, in love of neighbour, this is the only way.

Join me in switching sides.



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