Canadian Evangelicals, Repent for Hopping into Bed with Stephen Harper & His Mafia

Defending Marci McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor
Honestly, Armageddon Factor was an excellent wake-up for Canadian Christians, who have none of their own to call them to repentance as they walk off the cliff.  And “grace” in conversation is a luxury in this kind of crisis situation.  Stephen Harper, Preston Manning, Jason Kenney, Joe Oliver, Jim Flaherty and all the other neo-Cons behind the Conservative Party, have deceived the Evangelicals and Catholics into following their agenda.
Instead of loving God wholeheartedly, Canadian Christians and their Conservative puppet-masters love money, especially from huge oil projects that damage people’s health (think: First Nations & tarsands workers) & will screw up the environment for the coming generations.  But they don’t care: they have fresh air, good health, and gas in their cars.
Instead of loving neighbours, Canadian Christians hate anyone who isn’t like themselves: Muslims, evolutionists, gays, Climate Change whisteblowers, First Nations, etc.  This type of religion is one that Yeshua came to fight, not to support.  Canadian Christians have allied yourselves with the modern day Herods, Saduccees and Pharisees, and will be assessed accordingly on Judgement Day (and even before that).
Of course, Canadian Evangelicals will make excuses, and the situation will only get worse.  Realise that if you don’t turn around, you will face the Man very soon.
Because Canadian Evangelicals don’t have the courage to call a spade a spade, a secular journalist had to do it.  At least Marci has guts.
– Dimitri Pravdin (dimitri.pravdin(*a*),
This could have been you, but instead Yahweh has to use a secular journalist.  
Shame on you, Canadian Evangelicals!  
We know now whose side you are actually on!

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