Don’t Attack Iran, Western Imperialists

There, I hope my title caught a few readers.  Here I am blogging out of a McDonald’s on a rainy Saturday morning.  Last night I was here with a relly and a friend after having watched Argo with them.

Ben Affleck directed and starred in Argo, a movie featuring Iran during its 1979 revolution.  During my university days in the late 1980s, I wrote a report about the Iranian Revolution, and even had a few Iranian friends who had participated in it.  So I am somewhat familiar with the context of the revolution.

Now think about it, Westerners: what if Russia had sent in the KGB to your country and overthrown a popular, democratically-elected leader who supported nationalising your petroleum industry so that your nation could benefit more from the oil profits.  Then they stuck a stupid king as your new puppet leader, working for the Russians while terrorising your people for 20 years.

Your people finally have had enough, and spark a revolution that forces the puppet king to flee to Russia.  The king has cancer now.  You and your fellow citizens demand that Russia send back the king to be put on trial.  Russia refuses.  You respond by seizing the Russian embassy and holding hostage their employees, demanding that Russia send back the king.

Does this sound more reasonable to you?  Perhaps when Red Dawn hits the movie theatres on November 21st this year, you will be more sympathetic to the Iranians for defending their homeland against foreign invaders.

Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 Hollywood flick that posited the idea of a Russian invasion.  This time around, it was supposed to be a Chinese invasion, but China protested, and Hollywood’s MGM Studios chickened out at the last minute and changed the villian to North Korea in the post-production.  The point is: what if foreigners screw around with your country?  Will you just sit around and complain, or get off your ass and actually do something?

I do not necessarily like the leaders of Iran, and many of my Iranian acquaintances here in North Turtle Island (Canada) also think that the Iranian government should treat its citizens much better.  On the other hand, I dislike the Fascist neo-Conservative government of Stephen Harper in Canada even more.  Would to God we could have a non-violent, Gene Sharp / Gandhi-style revolution that could topple Harper.  Or at least an election.

Fascist Brothers, taking over from Fascists Cheney and Bush . . .

Harper is on the warpath against Iran because they threaten Harper’s hawkish buddies in Israel.  Harper is supported by Canada’s pro-war, money-worshipping rightists including huge numbers of Evangelicals, Catholics, Conservative Jews, New Atheists, etc.  He is backed by the people who benefit from his pro-Big Oil dealings.  His power base is Calgary, Alberta, home to many Republican-voting Americans who have migrated to Canada to work in our oil industry, marry Canadians, etc.  Calgary is estimated to be at least 11% American by country of origin.  The U.S. Consulate in Calgary staffs at least 80 people there.  And even without the strong American presence in Alberta, people there and in many parts of Canada are very pro-American.  So when America supports Israel, so does Canada.  Despite official opposition to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Canada secretly gave a lot of support to the US’ war effort.

And now it’s Iran’s turn.  Misguided Harper and his neo-Conservative blunder-busters severed ties with Iran in September.  Conversative stoggie Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird read out a press release:

“Canada’s position on the regime in Iran is well known. Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today,” he said in the statement.

Irony or what?  Our short-sighted Canadian government pulls out from the Kyoto Treaty, which was a last ditch effort from saving our planet from rapid environmental destruction in December last year.  This tells you who runs Canada nowadays: Big Oil.  Is global ecological disaster NOT a “threat to global peace and security”?

Also, what about Israel?  A hawkish nation that persecutes its own First Nations, the Palestinians, as we Canadians bully and oppress our own indigenous peoples.  Why should we support Israel?  Because the Old Testament God, Yahweh, says that Abraham and his descendants from his son Isaac could control the geographical area of present day Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, etc.?  You’re going to twist the Sacred Scriptures to justify support of murderous bullies and persecute Palestinians of Muslim and Christian backgrounds?  If you Bible Mis-readers are so correct and confident, why don’t you send armies to attack Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, etc.?

Is this the ultimate goal of the foolish Christian Zionists?

Because you pick and choose what you want to believe, that’s why.  Sorry, but at present time, there is NO land promised to ANYBODY here on earth.  Except that the nations dwelling on a particular piece of geography for 100s of years should logically be allowed to remain on their land.  Imperialists should leave.  If we followed that principle, all of us Europeans would have to leave the Americas, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc and high tail it back to our ancestral homes in Europe.  Are you game for that?

Back to Iran . . . and China:

Canada and its Fascist Conservatives are wrong.  Dead wrong.  We should continue to have diplomatic ties with Iran.  We should stop kissing America’s ass.  After all, as Stephen Harper, our ever-flexible Prime Minister figured out, the US is running out of money.  Thus, they cannot buy the stuff we dig out of the ground and sell to the highest bidder.  Because the US is not the highest bidder any more.  China is.  And China is tight with Iran.  Thus, if you’re trying to suck up to China, would it not make more sense to continue dealing with China’s friend, Iran?

Politics is all about money.  The love of money, which is the root of all evil.  America was Canada’s buddy because they had money.  Harper, prompted by the anti-China lobby in his own Conservative Party, including flyboy Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, mocked and ignored China in the early days of his regime (2006-20011).

Stephen Harper used to think the same way, promising famously he would not “sell-out to the almighty dollar” by allowing human rights cases to be overshadowed by the prospect of improved trade.

Mr. Harper’s government made the Dalai Lama an honourary Canadian citizen and clamped down on the acquisition of Canadian companies by state-owned (for which read “Chinese”) firms that led to national security concerns.

But Mr. Harper has changed his tune of late. (For the record, it is doubtful the same is true of Mr. Kenney, a fervent supporter of a free Tibet). The Prime Minister has clearly placed pragmatism ahead of principle when it comes to relations with China.

In recent days, it looks like Harper’s pragmatic, new pro-China stance will win the day.  One of China’s biggest oil companies, CNOOC, is on the verge of buying out one of our oil companies called Nexen:

The proposed CNOOC-Nexen deal represents a watershed moment, forcing the Harper government and Canadians generally to confront the fact that Chinese firms – owned by a communist government that is keen to acquire global resources – are poised to play a far bigger role in this country’s energy sector, which the Prime Minister himself has identified as a strategic industry.

MPs and Senators will have a chance to air their views at a caucus meeting scheduled for Monday as Parliament resumes sitting, and Conservative insiders say there are many who share Mr. Kenney’s misgivings, though they are unwilling to voice them publicly.

Harper is famous for keeping his Conservative MPs in check, either following the Party Line or risk getting kicked out.  So the China-wary folks will just have to bite their tongues.

And wither Iran?  Well, Canada doesn’t seem to give a damn about Iran.  It is acting even more hawkish toward Iran than the U.S. is.  Of course, Stephen Harper is doing what his Does Canada suspect there will be war in Iran?  Is a US attack on Iran imminent?

As my heading says: DON’T attack Iran.  If you do, it will be your grave.  Why?  Because Iran is no pushover.  They are fierce warriors.  They have Russia and China’s support.  And because your loser armies don’t know how to win a war.  You judge know how to kill a few million, destroy a nation and its economy, attract more hatred, and waste the taxpayers’ money and the lives of your youth.  And one more war, and the US and EU collapse will happen NOW, not next year.

I am against Stephen Harper, against his support of Israel and condemnation of Iran, against is sell-out to Big Oil, Republicans, and Canadian Rednecks who wouldn’t know Social Justice even if it incarnated and landed in a pile in front of their faces.

I am against Harper selling us off to the Americans and Chinese or any other nation.

I am against Harper’s abuse of First Nations, Muslims, seniors, army veterans, etc.

I am against Harper’s Ministers and MPs and every single Canadian who voted for and supports Harper.  You have voted for a tyrant, and when you lose your freedoms, don’t be surprised.  You brought this on yourselves, and on the rest of us.

Who will fight for Social Justice in Canada?  Who will get off their sofas, easy chairs, iPads, iPhones and Wii’s and battle the Fascists non-violently but with hearts of ferocious lions?  Who has resolved to stop being a coward and be truly human?

Damn this sleeping country.  Wake up, Canada!




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