The US Election, then BOOM!

It doesn’t matter who gets in for this upcoming US election.  Collapse is coming to a theater near you.

Maybe Green Party is your best bet.  Fat chance, right?

Let’s say Romney wins over Obama.  Then, later on, the US Empire goes BOOM.

It may be better to have Romney preside over the collapse.  Why?

Better for the blame to go to a European-American than an African-American.  After all, we Euros deserve a kick in the pants.

We’ve already seen enough racism over Obama.  I utterly detest seeing Rednecks blaming Obama with fake allegations about his religion and birthplace.  He said he’s Christian, so obviously he is not a Muslim, as you accuse him.  And if he’s a Muslim, who really cares?  It’s the character, not the religion that counts.  And the foolish “Birther” people doubt whether he was born in the US.  Again, his birth certificate says US, so why do you doubt?

Obama works for Goldman Sachs and the other Big Corporations.  So does Romney.  Very little difference.  So let’s allow a White Guy to take the fall.  

It is the Europeans who have screwed up the Americas in the last 500 years.

You call this “civilization”.

I call it genocide of indigenous peoples.

Over 35 million native people died for our damned Spanish, Portuguese, French and especially British colonies to be established.  Check out Francis Jenning’s The Invasion of America.

Europe built their colonies here in the Americas through ongoing genocide. 

Battle of the Thames, 5th October 1813
Creator: William Emmons, painter and political operative.
Context: This print was created in September 1833 by Emmons, who was a close friend of Richard M. Johnson, the man shown here killing Tecumseh (most historians believe Johnson did not actually kill Tecumseh). The print was dedicated to President Andrew Jackson.
Audience: As much of the American public as possible, through circulation in newspapers and pamphlets.
Purpose: To promote Johnson’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 1836 (he was eventually chosen as Martin Van Buren’s running mate).
Historical Significance: This artifact glorifies the killing of Native Americans who resisted the westward expansion of American settlers. It exemplifies how many Americans during this period believed they were destined to control the continent, and directed intense anger toward anyone who dared to stand in their way.

Yes, let us take the fall for the collapse of our kingdoms.  And the US Empire is poised to collapse soon.  It could be next year, it could be in 5.  Who knows?  But, we all realise that the warning signs are there.

I have written numerous posts about this upcoming Collapse:

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Here’s my advise:

– Stop loving Money and start loving your Creator and neighbour.  If you’re an atheist, still love your neighbour.

– Brace yourself for the Collapse.  It will be deadly.

– Pray that you survive.

Have fun at the voting booths, Americans!

Next, it will be our turn for collapse in Canada.

See you at the finish line!


PS – read this book for some practical advice:

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