Are Terrorists Supported by the CIA, NYPD and Other US Entities?

A few days ago I came across this article:

A paid informant for the New York Police Department’s intelligence unit was under orders to “bait” fellow Muslims into saying inflammatory things as he lived a double life, snapping pictures inside mosques and collecting the names of innocent people attending study groups on Islam, he told The Associated Press.

Shamiur Rahman, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen of Bengali descent who has now denounced his work as an informant, said police told him to embrace a strategy called “create and capture,” which involved creating a conversation about jihad or terrorism, then capturing the response to send to the NYPD. For his work, he earned as much as $1,000 a month and goodwill from the police after a string of minor marijuana arrests.

“We need you to pretend to be one of them,” Rahman recalled the police telling him. “It’s street theatre.”

Rahman said he believes his work against Muslims in New York was “detrimental to the Constitution.”

His account shows how the NYPD unleashed informants without specific targets or criminal leads.

Read more:

Here we have the police in New York, home to America’s Financial Centre and the United Nations.  Baiting Muslims.

Has anyone else out there wondering how Islamic Terrorism suddenly appeared at the during the Reagan years of the early 1980s, and has remained a permanent fixture on the world scene?

Is it that the West has needed a new enemy after the collapse of the Soviet Empire?

The CIA trained:

Has the West actually created Islamic Terrorism in order to justify their suppression of Muslims and others in the Middle East, Europe, the US and elsewhere?

I saw the Indian film “New York” a few weeks ago, and it really made an impression on me.      You can watch it here on Dailymotion.  In the movie, a young Muslim Indian named Sam is raised in the U.S.  After graduating from university and starting to work, 9/11 happens in his hometown of New York.  One day, police capture him suddenly, for no good reason, and submit him to torture and interrogation for months.  

After leaving jail, Sam turns to terrorism to get revenge against the American System.

Stills from the end of the movie: 

Is the West training and equipping its own enemies?

And why?

Just to tighten control over all of us?

Just to allow corporations to further dominate our lives?

Ask yourselves . . . 



Feedback is Welcome: dimitri.pravdin(*a*)

Lots of questions to answer, Westerners!

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