Screw Your Hell-oween!

Tonight is Halloween, the festival that seems to never go away.  I remember working as a manager of Western English language teachers in Asia, and being forced by my boss to host a Halloween party.  I managed to get out of it, but no matter how I try to avoid Hall-f*ing-ween, it’s always there in my face.

I’m not a party pooper.  I can party crazily with the best of them.  I don’t even need alcohol.  I have enough innate energy to compete against the wildest of the wild.

However, here’s a question: What the Hell is Halloween celebrating?

Costumes are great.  So are parties.  But what’s with all the severed heads and bloody corpses?

Is this a symbol of Western culture?  Celebrating murder and death?  WTF?

Here’s a real one for you: US soldiers showing off the severed head of . . . their Iraqi ally! Maybe a dozen or so Helloween celebrations hardened these GI Joes to the whole reality of death! Photo taken by Danfung Dennis in Iraq in 2008 with members of the 2nd infantry division. (Danfung Dennis)

Read up on the history of the Americas, folks.  I keep harping on this in my blogposts.  Every nation from the northernmost Canada to southernmost Argentina was established on the murdered corpses of the indigenous peoples of North America.  We Europeans wiped out 90% of tens of millions of natives.  And we continue to force them into poverty, which is another type of violence in itself.

Part of the Codex Kingsborough, an indigenous Mexican complaint against an abusive encomendero.

We are instigators of genocide.  Our hands are dripping with blood.

And think about the Afghans . . .

The Iraqis . . .


The Libyans . . .

The Syrians . . .

And all the others around the world we have massacred through our armies, our private mercenaries, our corporations, and our consumption patterns.

Perhaps Halloween really shows our true colours.

Bloody Canadians.  Bloody Americans.  Wallow in the blood of all the millions you have killed, Mr. and Mrs. Westerner.

And prepare to meet your Maker one day.

And that day is coming soon to a theatre near you.

Keep safe tonight, y’all,



US drones for killing Afghanis: This new killing machine weighing just 2.7 kg can be carried in a backpack and used on the battlefield in place of the drone. While the drone strikes have a chain of command that stretches from Afghanistan to the United States these ultra-light, portable drones (Switchblade) bring the decision to kill down to the level of platoon commander or even the individual soldier.

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