Selling Out Canada – Thanks, Chairman Harper!

Kim Il Harper, starting to drown in his own oil and mining tailings

Hey, I’m not the only one calling him “Chairman Harper”:

Chairman Harper and the Chinese Sell-Out
Who needs democracy? Secret treaty is a massive giveaway of Canadian resources and rights with no vote in Parliament.
By Andrew Nikiforuk, 11 Oct 2012,

And here’s another one: 

Chairman Harper Selling Tar Sands, Selling Canada with Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPA)
Submitted by delores on Thu, 10/11/2012 – 10:37


Now, I’m in the perfect position to work with the Chinese state and private corporations who are beginning the process of buying out Canadian resources and companies.  I speak Mandarin.  I lived in China.  I currently hate our Canadian government and system.  Why not spit on the ground in front of this damned sinking nation and go make a lot of money in the process of selling out.
Well, I cannot become a sell-out, not because I am so patriotic, but because I have a conscience.  Any decent Chinese will protect his own fellow countrymen and women’s interests.  And I have to love my Canadian neighbours, even though I think we are getting what we deserve by creating such an unjust, idiotic system here in Canada.
Stephen Harper, on the other hand, is ever the pragmatist.  He will sell out Canada in the twinkling of an eye.  After all, he has already sold us out to the Americas.  And now that our cousins to the South are merging with the Poor House, Stevie has found another source of cash.
I used to think George Bush Jr. was bad.  But I could forgive him a bit due to all the brain cells he killed during his alcoholic years, and also due to the fact that he was simply a puppet of the immoral sage Dick Cheney and company.  But Stephen Harper is no dumbie.  He is one smart cookie.  Unfortunately, these smarts are going to selling out the nation so that he himself and his Big Oil, Big Mining, and Big Whatever-Else-Corporation can benefit.
Harper’s Guru?
Wherever I go here in BC, I find people hate Harper.  Even some Right Wingers are realising that Harper is heartless.  He’s like a good-looking, smiley Dick Cheney, Canadian-style.  No coincidence that his Power Base of Calgary, Alberta, is home to many U.S. immigrants, many of whom would probably vote Republican every time.  And heartless Harper has sold out so many groups of people, at such a whirling pace, that people have a hard time keeping up with him.  He brings in changes with such little input and feedback from Canadians, in a stealthy secretive way, and then suddenly they are announced as a done deal to the press.
It’s almost as if the U.S. Republicans are behind Harper and friends, doing what they can’t do in the U.S. due to their nation being under more Democrat control.  I wonder . . . could it be true?  Can’t screw up the States as much as you like?  Then mess up your cousins to the North.
Unfortunately for us, there are a few million Harper-types in Canada, ready to betray our nation and sell out to the highest bidder.  And one morning, we’ll wake up, and wonder how it happened that we no longer control our own destiny.
Herakles, Lolaos & the Hydra, Getty Museum, Malibu, Cal, USA
We Europeans did it to the First Nations.  Then we allowed the Americans to do it to us.  Now it’s the Chinese turn to have Canada in their hand.
Sometimes I’m tempted to say, “Damn fools, I’m washing my hands of this!”  But my conscience keeps calling me back to reason.
Let’s fight the Harper agenda.  And let’s battle Redneck culture in North Turtle Island (Canada).
For the sake of our neighbours.
For our grandchildren.

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