Be Multicultural To Survive In This World – Part 1

Canada has fake multiculturalism, for the most part.  Our multicultural policy, instead of encouraging people to be truly multicultural, separates various ethnic and religious groups into isolated pockets.

The result?  Caucasian settlers in Canada form the “mainstream” culture, which First Nations and all the non-white immigrants are expected to fit into.  “Expected to” assimilate, but don’t.

Perhaps this is our Canadian history: a bunch of British and French hopped on boats, came over to the Turtle Island (North American) continent, and basically took over.  They wanted the land, they wanted the resources.  Who stood in the way, and basically still stand in the way?  First Nations.  Aboriginals. Natives.  “Indians”.  So what did the British, French and other imperialists do?  Use force to assimilate the First Nations, eventually wiping out 90% of over 35 million indigenous people. The survivors were shoved on to reserves and boarding schools, and their means of fishing, hunting and gathering for food etc. was stolen from them.

Then the flood gates were opened by the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese Empires for more colonists to pour on to the continents of the “Americas”.  In Turtle Island, except for the Canadian province of Quebec and a few other small, scattered outposts, British culture became the mainstream.

The British were not willing to be multicultural.  It was their way or the highway.  This attitude still prevails among Anglos here, who refuse to learn other languages due to their mistaken belief that “the world is learning English, so why should I learn something else?”  Lazy, lazy, lazy.  And strategically unwise, given that the American and European economies are teetering on the edge of a “Fiscal Cliff”, while China, India, Brazil, etc continue to rise up.

I encourage all Anglo-North-Americans and everyone else assimilated into their English mainstream culture, to get off your asses and learn First Nations and non-Western cultures.  

I encourage First Nations and non-Westerners to fiercely hold on to your culture, while at the same time learning the dominant Ango culture.  Learning but not necessarily adapting.  

Whities still hold the balance of power, at least for awhile longer, so you’d benefit by learning to beat us at our own game.  While proudly “being who you be” by maintaining your precious cultures.  And although we may eventually end up in the museum, we Caucasians are still breeding, still everywhere.

Where I live in Vancouver, Salish Unceded Territories in Western Canada, we have isolated pockets of culture that make communication a real pain in the ass (read: a challenge).  We need to deal with this, because the lack or real communication means that we in Greater Vancouver are one of the snobbiest, unfriendliest parts of Canada.

More next posts.

Cheers, Dimitri

About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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