BC Skills Shortage? Think Again . . .

WTF?  A Labour Shortage in BC?  What will the government think of next?  We have youth and immigrants moving to Alberta and Saskatchewan, and yet the provincial and local governments are propagating the myth of a “Shortage of Skilled Workers”.


I went yesterday to a half-day conference about the need for skilled immigrant workers.  Propaganda, propaganda, and more propaganda.  Here’s more recent BS on the mythical “Skills Shortage”:

– a few days ago from a Bank of Canada Rep: “Central Banker warns of labour shortages in BC: “

– “BC Labour Shortage: Job Openings For 435,000 Workers”, Sept 20/12 from Huffington Post

– “Blue-collar labour shortages looming for BC”, Vancouver Sun, Sept 30/12

Labour Shortage in the province of “British” Columbia (looks like we’re still a colony of the UK).  Hmm . . . something’s not right about this picture.  Here’s why:

(1) Most of these so-called “new” jobs are up in Northern BC, around the Fort St John area, etc.  Have companies up there made a systematic and thorough effort to recruit in other parts of BC, especially where the bulk of the population is in Metro Vancouver?  And even in they did:

– is there enough housing for all the workers?

– schools for their kids?

– other infrastructure to sustain a somewhat normal life?

– will comfortable Greater Vancouverites move up to the North to freeze off their shanakers for a few bucks more per hour?

(2) These “jobs” are created instantaneously when the governments agree to new contracts.  There is no build-up or lead-time to ensure that workers with the specific skills can be trained on time.

(3) Training may take several years to a few months.  If there is no lead-time, then which training institutes are going to start offering programs to a “Maybe-the-government-will-approve-this-contract” or “Maybe-this-corporation-will-invest”.  Schools don’t stake their futures on Maybes.  And neither do individuals considering studying such programs.

(4) The timing and conditions for these contracts are the governments’ excuses to bring in foreign contract labourers.  The governments create the situation, then they push through what they want: Instant Workers for Instant Contracts.  In other words, give the corporations exactly what they want: cheap, expendable labour.  Bypass local Canadians.  And unions.  And everyone else.  Result: the unemployment rate goes higher, and the government cries, “Oh, this is the fault of the populace not wanting to go for these Northern jobs.”  ##%%**

(5) Jason Kenney and his Canada Immigration department have been scaling back on skilled immigrants.  Provincial Nominees, one of the new immigration categories that are being stressed in Canada, do not make up for this loss.  Neither do International Students.  The latter are in universities being trained for white collar jobs.  Many of them will go back to their countries where the economies are booming, and / or Daddy and Mommy have arranged jobs through their networks of fellow rich folks and government chronies.  The ones who stay and apply for immigration will wish to remain in the big cities.  The thought of working in a dirty, minus 30 Celsius oil or natural gas field, probably has never crossed their minds . . . 

Plus the fact that Kenney and his Conservative buddies PURPOSELY want to create conditions where employers can employ anyone from anywhere around the world at any time and for as long as they want.  The employer is God.  And God is a huge corporation, not a small or medium-sized business.  And the huge corporations give big bucks to the Conservatives every election. Go figure . . .

(6) Employers, AKA these huge Mother-F**ing Corporations, are not willing to train, by and large. They follow the Canadian lazy-ass tradition: put the burden of training on the workers.  Let them spend tens of thousands on the required training.  Give no guarantees of a job.  Just vague hopes.  Then pay them as less as possible.  Or simply have taxpayers in other countries subsidise the training of foreign contract workers and open wide a huge door for them.  While Canadians languish with no jobs or under-paid jobs.  While the fat-cat CEOs on their golf courses or Mexican vacations sip martinis and thank their Messiah, Stephen Harper, for allowing their millions to grow into billions.   More ##%%**

(7) Most jobs are in the Energy Sector.  Most immigrants who came prior to Jason Kenney’s recent gutting of the Skilled Immigrant class never worked in this field, but rather in more white collar areas such as banking, HR, etc.  The engineer immigrants were mostly working on infrastructure, not in dirty mines, or natural gas / oil fields.

Canada, its governments and the foreign and domestic corporations here have also eliminated a lot of the manufacturing we used to have, allowing it to migrate to Mexico, China, Vietnam, etc.  And we have more immigrants who worked in Manufacturing, not in Energy.

(8) And most importantly, what about First Nations?  Some many youths now. Most of whom need jobs.  First Nations Youth is the fastest growing demographic.  Why are they not being brought into the picture when we discuss immigration and “Skills Shortage”?

(9) But what about the environment?  Most of these new projects, benefiting our wealthy politicians and their corporate, incestuous buddies, rather than the Canadian taxpayer, are going to destroy our environment even further over the next few years.  What are we going to hand over to our grandkids?  Smog?   Dirt mixed with chemicals?  Trash?  And, First Nations are on the front lines, receiving the brunt of the shitty air, water and land.  They are the ones to first get cancer and other diseases.  You offer them money, a percentage of them on the reserve are fooled into grasping for the quick bucks, and they all suffer over the long haul.  The corporations and government all have this planned out, in order to destroy the First Nations and get them “out of the way” so that the rich fat cats can take the land and its resources.


There you have it.  A picture of why the federal, provincial and local governments are lying to the Canadian, and especially BC, populations about the “Skills Shortage”.  The “shortage” is created instantly, with no prior warning, with announced contracts.  No time for training or recruiting in major population areas.  Jobs are in the freezing, muddy Northern areas.  Dirty, back-breaking Energy Sector jobs.  No adequate housing and infrastructure for workers and their families.  So foreign temps are brought in.

And the governments say, “Don’t complain that there are no jobs.  See! There are!”  Triple ##%%**

Time for a Revolution, I dare say . . . 




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