Why the U.S. can’t give up guns until there is a new & powerful Peace Movement

Reason: the main lobby group supporting laws that continue allowing easy access to guns is the NRA, the National Rifle Association.  And where does their money come from?  Gun manufacturers and gun enthusiasts.  And what’s the money used for?  To bribe politicians to enact laws that favour gun ownership.  And to pay for public ads that tell Americans that gun ownership is necessary and even cool.

The Matrix will only get more violent until you and I stand up and start a Peace Movement where guns are rounded up, dumped in a big pile in the middle of shopping centres’ parking lots, and burned.  

True, people are the killers, but guns are the tools to do the dirty deeds.  And guns are made solely to (a) strike fear in the hearts if your enemies, and to (b) kill or maim them.  We need a few million Martin Luther King Jrs and Gandhis to say, “Enough!”. And to defeat and destroy the God-forsaken NRA.  Today, not tomorrow.



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