Blayer on a Snowy December Morning


Lord of the universe,

Thx for the fluffy white stuff this morning, on a cloudy, dark December morning.

Guide us today in our endeavours.

Help us kick the ass of injustice, while we strengthen the hands of the oppressed.

Help us to live joyfully, boldly, strong and free, in the midst of a f**ed up Matrix.

We are Yours.  Lead us in whatever path You have for us today.

And thx again for the ever-accumulating white stuff out there.  All the kids not going to school today echo these thanks. And also the home-bound workers.  The rest who are brave enough to challenge the weather, strengthen them, and assist them in reaching their destination.

In the name of Your Chosen One,

So be it.



About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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