Idle No More – A White Boy ‘Fesses Up & Defects

Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver Art Gallery, Idle No More rally, Sun Dec 23, 2012

I have been keeping up with Idle No More since early December (2012).  I have been to a couple major rallies.  I plan to go to more.  The Revolution is on!

It is encouraging to see native youth, elders, families and a whole host of non-First Nations supporters involved in a popular movement that sheds some light on the challenging situation of aboriginal people in Canada.

As I have written in many posts here at Sleepless In Turtle Island, we Europeans living in Turtle Island (North America) are invaders.  The land is stolen.  Anyone see the recent movie Red Dawn or the original?  Well, it’s like this: WE FRICKIN’ INVADED.

When I read a few history books after consulting with First Nations people and their sympathisers in early 2008, it was like a lightning bolt had hit me.  All of a sudden, I realised that this entire “New World” was one big Matrix, just like in the movie series of the same name.  

I re-evaluated my position here as a European in Canada.  I re-examined my religion, Evangelical Christianity.  I met many First Nations people and began realising the truth: they are just like me.  Real people.  Not just moving shadows on a TV screen.  Not just passing strangers on the street.  They are the real, bonafide, original people of the land.  I and my ancestors are strangers.  Foreigners.  Outsiders.  There’s no such thing as “Canadians”.  It’s all a PR feat of the British who came here 500 years ago.  “Canada” is a creation of a political and economic elite who decided to expand their British rule far and wide, all over Mother Earth.

From then on, I converted.  I became aware of all the bullshit I had been taught by my elementary, high school and university teachers.  All the cow turd heaped on me by the media, by the frickin’ Canadian government.

Interesting.  When we were kids, we were taught that the Canadian government, with their big, shiny, red-and-white maple leaf logo, was the “good guys”.  The benevolent Big Brother.  We trusted him.  Surely he couldn’t tell a lie.  

I remember loading up my apartment storage with tons of canned and packaged food bought from Superstore in late 1999.  I had read all the reports about Y2K, the millennial computer bug that was to curse the world’s computers and cause a crash in the grid.  I didn’t really fully believe it until I had read a report about a conference organised by the federal government about Y2K.  They and the scientists they had assembled all seemed to believe in this computer bug.  So I became a “prepper”.  

Guess what?  No Y2K: no downed planes, no computer failures, no black-outs.  Nothing.

Well, at least my family could chow down on all the stored dried goods.  But I learned one lesson: DON’T BELIEVE YOUR GOVERNMENT.  They are only into politics for their own benefit.  And, I might add, the benefit of all their corporate donors and buddies.  

Back to First Nations: after all my research, talking to real First Nations people from all over BC and Canada, after reading extensively the REAL Canadian history, I “switched sides”.  I am now an official “Defector”.  

“Defector” doesn’t mean I have defects (although I do), but rather that I have gone over to the side of the First Nations people of Turtle Island.  In fact, this is nothing new.  Many, many colonists over the years have defected, left their miserable surroundings within the English, French and other colonies here in Turtle Island, and gone over to join the First Nations.  

I’m now reading A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.  From the early days of the European invasion, there have been many Europeans who found the Native American/First Nations life more authentic, generous, and hospitable.  This is one reason why some native people have European blood: it was the Europeans who preferred the aboriginal way of life who went over, joined the community, intermarried and learned native ways.  

Anyways, this post could go on and on.  My point is this: YOU WANT THE TRUTH?  GO TALK TO SOME FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE.  

Sure, just like in any group, there are “bad apples” in the basket.  But you will find that First Nations people have a much superior knowledge about the world: human relations, environmental concern, spirituality, etc.

I’m not saying that First Nations have a monopoly on the truth.  But you will find a refreshing honesty and truthfulness that is hard to find elsewhere amidst all the bullshit on Turtle Island.  

So, my message to all the Euros out there: LISTEN TO THE FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE.  We have created a horrible Matrix that crushes the poor, the environment and is now devouring the Middle Class.  Turtle Island’s original inhabitants have received the brunt of this so-called “development”, resulting in the genocide of 95% of approximately 40+ million native people here in the last few centuries, and the marginalisation of the survivors.

I support Idle No More 110%.  I hope and pray that the movement goes in positive directions, and will result in lasting change.  I really think that First Nations people, especially the youth, rising up and saying “Enough is Enough” is not only necessary but inevitable.  They can no longer be sidelined.  I am a defector.  I cross over the gap and join you.  I love you.  I don’t buy into this damned system, this Matrix, any more than you do.  I will do whatever I can to support you.  

And you will see a lot more people defecting to your side!!!

May the Creator empower you, 

over every mountain,

through every valley, 

in fair and stormy weather.






[In the early days of the founding of the U.S.] Settlers defecting to join native society was so common that it became a major issue for colonial leaders — think the modern immigration debate, except with all the white people risking their lives to get out of American society. According to Loewen, “Europeans were always trying to stop the outflow. Hernando De Soto had to post guards to keep his men and women from defecting to Native societies.” Pilgrims were so scared of Indian influence that they outlawed the wearing of long hair.
Read more of Editor-in-Chief Jack O’Brien’s article at:



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Interesting Facts About Christians: Introduction Of all the religions of the world, it is perhaps Christianity which has produced the most atheists. And, on the other hand, Christianity more than all the other religions on Mother Earth, has given rise … Continue reading →

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