Daniel Suelo: The Man Who Rebelled Against the Money System


No more money!  Daniel Suelo is a man who decided to stop using the main ingredient of Western society: MONEY.

His friend Mark Sundeen wrote an I-opening / eye-opening book called The Man Who Quit Money.  I’ll have to admit, with many books I borrow from the library, I’ll skim them, or read the first one-third.  But this book was different.  I couldn’t put it down.

Here are a few things that struck me about Daniel’s story:


Daniel Suelo sincerely believes that the money system corrupts human relations, work and the environment.  And he’s right.


Daniel is fond of quoting Yeshua (AKA Jesus) as saying, “Don’t worry about your life, what you’ll wear or eat.  Don’t worry about tomorrow” (The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6).  But immediately before this He mentioned storing up our treasures in Heaven rather than on earth, and that it’s impossible to serve both God and Mammon, meaning riches, money, wealth, possessions.  Thus, the OPPOSITE of trusting the Creator to meet our needs for today and tomorrow is storing up wealth.

Hmmm, this message is the OPPOSITE of what the Finance Industry teaches everyone.  I remember last year, joining World Financial Group (WFG) for a few months.  All their emphasis was on “what ifs”:

– What if you die, who’ll take care of your family?

– What is you retire without having saved enough?  etc.

Luckily, my conscience wouldn’t allow me to stay in the Finance Industry.  Although I believe WFG is a scam, another legitimate, well-known company from back east tried to recruit me due to my language skills.  But I declined.  My big issue was: where is all the money going that the banks and finance companies collect to “invest in the future”?  Weapons making companies like General Electric?  Oil companies like Suncor and Syncrude who are polluting Canada’s natural environment?  Porn companies?  Casinos?  GMO companies?  The list goes on.

Back to Yeshua’s words: Do you REALLY trust in the Creator for your future?  Then you won’t fret about investments, inheritance, the stock market, real estate, etc.  You’ll focus on your immediate needs, and be willing to share your possessions.  Because MONEY-ORIENTED PEOPLE CANNOT BE GENEROUS.  They are eternal “hustlers”, always looking to benefit off of others.

On the other hand, those who have given up on seeking gain from others, who have abandoned their worries about tomorrow’s food, can breathe freely, enjoy the moment and be at ease in giving generously to others.

The love of money is the root of all evil.  And indeed, is it really possible to use money daily and still not love it?  Ask yourself.

Here’s a quote from a Wikipedia entry on the Christian views on poverty and wealth (emphasis mine):

John B. Cobb argues that

the “economism that rules the West and through it much of the East” is directly opposed to traditional Christian doctrine.

Cobb invokes the teaching of Jesus that “man cannot serve both God and Mammon (wealth)”. He asserts that

it is obvious that “Western society is organized in the service of wealth” and thus wealth has triumphed over God in the West (Cobb, Jr., John B.. “Eastern View of Economics”. Retrieved 2011-04-10).

Mahoney characterizes the saying of Jesus in Mark 10:23-27 as having “imprinted themselves so deeply on the Christian community through the centuries that those who are well off, or even comfortably off, often feel uneasy and troubled in conscience” (Mahoney, Jack (1995) Companion Encyclopedia of Theology. Taylor & Francis. p. 759).

You may be a Christian, atheist, humanist, agnostic, Buddhist, Moslem, Sikh, native spiritualist, whatever, but you’ll have to agree:  


The big question is: 

Is it hurting us or healing us?


I wanted to say “all”, but I’m honestly not familiar with every religion.  Now, as a Messianic Liberationist, I do believe that Yeshua the Messiah is the only way to reach the Creator.  On the other hand, most other religions and philosophies that they are right too.  But most of them do contain some truths.

For example, many religions and philosophies stress simply living.  Some call it “voluntary poverty”, some “renouncing this world”, others talk of “living light”.  Another example is the emphasis on loving your Creator and your neighbour.  In other words, OTHERISM: Focusing on others (God, people, the environment) more than on yourself.  Yes, your basic needs must be met.  But honestly, that’s not too hard.  Most of us live MUCH beyond our basic needs.  And it’s killing us.  Physically, mentally, socially, spiritually.


A week ago I was riding my bike past the Real Canadian Superstore where I live.  There was a woman lying on the bus stop bench weeping.
I tried talking to her, but she wouldn’t respond.  Others were looking at her as if she had come from another planet.  Amazed.  Scared.  Indifferent.

I called up a local homeless shelter that I found online.  Then they referred me to an organisation that can send people to pick up homeless folks and take them to a shelter.  After 15 minutes, two guys arrived and talked to the lady, who was now laughing hysterically.  She still wouldn’t go.  She was “in La-la Land”, one of the fellows said, “We can’t force her to go.  Translink and the RCMP will probably come soon and take her away, or force her to move.

The point of my story is not to stress how saintly I and the two fellows are.  There’s nothing extraordinary about us.  Nor is there anything so callous or cruel about the onlookers who ignored the woman.  The main issue is, and one that Daniel Suelo drives home so powerfully, is that WE HAVE TO CARE FOR THE HURTING PEOPLE OF OUR SOCIETY!  After all, it could be us one day lying on that transit bench in a sleeping bag!

Well, there’s a lot I could add, but I’ll leave it at that.

I hope that all of us can learn a few things about truly living, from people such as Daniel Suelo, The Man Who Quit Money.





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