Don´t Lose Hope on the Verge of Collapse

After a few weeks pounding drums, singing songs, waving signs and listening to or making speeches, Idle No More continues to affect North Turtle Island and other places throughout Mother Earth.

This is the time for indigenous peoples from around the earth to rise up.  Not like when the Ghost Dance spread throughout Turtle Island, at a time when First Nations were feeling most desperate in the face of European invaders and their Genocide Machine.  American journalist Chris Hedges mentions in a recent article, The Myth of Human Progress, that our planet is on the verge of nixing the human species as we poise to commit collective suicide through environmental decimation.  He states that we cannot afford to go into a frenzy, thinking we can save the earth by our desperate prayers or pleadings to a God out there.  Hedges tends to believe that there is absolutely no way out of the predicament of the ¨Inconvenient Truth¨ of our dying planet.

On the other hand, there are signs of hope:

1. Peak Oil is fast on its way.  It will mean the end of globalisation as we know it.  Localisation will soon become the New New . . . and remain there for a long, long time.

This also means that fewer people will be driving cars.  Good riddance!

2. The collapse of the US and European economies is coming soon to a theatre near you.  The 21st Century Modern Babylonian Empire is winding down.  Thank God!

3. Movements like Idle No More and Occupy, flawed as they are, reveal that indigenous peoples and the rest of us 99% are getting mobilised to face off with Corporate Turtle Island and the mother****ers who run this Titanic / Matrix / Babylon / System.  People are rising up!

4. Many of people, like myself, are dropping out of fundamentalist religions and restarting new, grassroots versions that emphasise non-violence, cooperation with people of any stripe or creed, and rebuilding local communities.  These new groups, or subgroups within the older groups, can associate with other religions, sects and philosophies, retaining their ¨exclusive¨ traits, without becoming watered down, but contributing to the ¨common good¨ of the community, without prejudice.

5. Other movments such as De-GrowthTransition Town MovementDownshiftingSimple Living, or practical actions stemming from the philosophy of ¨The Blueprint of Survival¨:

It recommended that people live in small, decentralised and largely de-industrialised communities. Some of the reasons given for this were that:

  • it is too difficult to enforce moral behaviour in a large community
  • agricultural and business practices are more likely to be ecologically sound in smaller communities
  • people feel more fulfilled in smaller communities
  • reducing an area’s population reduces the environmental impact[4]

The authors used tribal societies as their model which, it was claimed, were characterised by their small, human-scale communities, low-impact technologies, successful population controls, sustainable resource management, holistic and ecologically integrated worldviews, and a high degree of social cohesion, physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual fulfilment of their members.[5][6][7]

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Here´s for HOPE!



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