Missions Fest Vancouver Protest – Part 2: Protesting Evangelical Support for Israel

Here is a continuation of my report on my protest against Evangelicals at Missions Fest 2013 on Jan 25/26 in Vancouver, Unceded Salish Territories.


Watch the documentary “With God On Our Side“, a great exposé of Far Right Evangelicalism’s support for the fascist state of Israel.  This country is another Western export, a result of Western governments’ guilt in promoting centuries of anti-Semitism that culminated in Nazi Germany’s genocide of 6 million Jews, mentally and physically challenged folks, gays, and of course political opponents. The count could actually have been as high as 21 million people killed by the Nazis, apart from the .  The solution for the guilt?  Plant another nation in the midst of the Middle East that will exact revenge: not on German Christians who blindly followed their Nationalist Socialist leaders, but on innocent Palestinians who had nothing to do with the wars and anti-Semitism of Europe.  

After WWII, little did Palestinian Christians and Muslims know, they were about to become pawns the West’s massive political game.  Simple British colonisation of Palestine would turn into one of the worst nightmares of their lives, and indeed, of the 20th Century.  This planting of Israel was the Crusading West’s final and ultimately successful attempt permanently capture and hold on to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, this time through proxy agents consisting of mostly European, American and Russian Jews.  These Jews have over many centuries vacillated between between being victims of persecution to objects of admiration.  They were pushed into a position of selling out their culture, and becoming agents of European interests.  They were replanted smack in the centre of the so-called “Middle East”, a term conveniently used by the British and their allies.

Today, Israel is a land consisting of many non-religious Jews from Russia, America, etc., along with those who follow many strains of Judaism as well as other religions.  After displacing the majority of Palestinians who had lived there for centuries, the Israeli government has been in perpetual warfare against the Palestinian cousins who remain.  Of course, with the US and other Western countries funding the Israeli government, especially its army.

Ask yourselves if your investments in banks, etc. are being used to purchase weapons to kill or injure Palestinians or others.  We in the West know little of how much we actually contribute to the murder of innocents that is happening throughout the world.  Perhaps you will wait till Judgment Day to find out.  Better you do your research now. 

Here is a trailer for “With God On Our Side“:



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