When Constant Immigration to Canada Is A Bad Thing

First Nations people are Canada’s Third World.  And it’s been getting worse, while the rest of us party on, wreaking havoc on the environment through our eternal, never-satisfied “Growth”.

We European-Canadians who’ve been here awhile are the key to this problem.  Our government has been our representative and main agent of disturbing the land and already-established communities through this perpetual “Development”.

To fuel this, the Canadian government has largely relied on immigration.  The Myth of Eternal Growth contantly needs new converts, supporters and builders.  This is a “light bulb” that has recently lit up in my brain.

In fact, after reading about the ongoing waves of European immigrants in history, and then working directly with newer non-Euro imms as a Settlement  / Labour Market Counsellor, I’m feeling as if constant immigration is a method of social control employed by the Canadian government

Rather than ensure that First Nations or older settlers have adequate jobs, health care, community resources, etc, the feds continue bringing in starry-eyed newcomers who believe the gov’t propaganda about Canada being a just society et al. 

If they’re poor, they continue barely surviving, having no time to stop and think, to question the System.  If they’re rich, they treat Canada as their playground, much like our established 1% have been doing for years. 

From my own Euro ancestors down to present immigrants, everyone is here to “make it”, to work for a better life, usually with no concern for the environment we’re destroying through our non-stop “development”, and barely noticing First Nations or others who have suffered marginalisation for decades, even centuries.  Immigrants are often in their own dreamland, paying more attention to their past homelands, which they mostly can do little to help, rather than Canada, where they, their kids and grandkids will remain for decades. 

With more and more of these types of people who ultimately support the government, Canada’s problems just keep getting recycled.  People who have been in one place for many generations will have more of a sense of “heritage” and valuing their environment and community.  Corporations and governments here stop people from caring through constant building of housing, infrastructure, fueled by perpetual immigration.  Immigrants rarely get a chance to think about social justice, because they are constantly either in “survival mode” or “playful mode”, depending on their economic status.

Maybe Canada should just stop and take a breather, before we destroy our surroundings and communities to the point that we are no longer an attractive destination for immigrants.  Immigrants, as well as those here for generations, need to wake up to the fact that more is not always better, and that Mother Nature and society will burst to the seams if constantly strained to the max. 



About sleepless in turtle island

Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...
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