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Hi, I´m Dimitri. I have lived in Turtle Island for awhile now, so my cultural understanding is slowly improving. Also, I can see things in this place that boggle my mind. Thus this blog...

Call Me When It’s All Over (a poem)

The shaking walls The splitting cells The panting moths The breaking nests   All I have  Is now in jeopardy All I am  Is facing tragedy   Love me, leave me Lying dripping blood On the ground   I will … Continue reading

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Cancer (a poem)

My cells are turning against me Civil war is being fought Within the confines of my skin   A deep dissatisfaction is crawling All over me As I realise Cancer Has broken in   I faint I breathe in gasps … Continue reading

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Whores Need Not Apply (a poem)

U look sexy, But so what? Why should I bow To your outside appearance?   What’s in your heart? That’s the Only question That matters   A slut can easily Look like a virgin In the right clothes   What … Continue reading

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F* YOU, WEST (a poem)

Over seas and over waters, F* you, West, F* you, West Over continents and ocean shelves, Resist the West, resist the West   The West is not under attack But he thinks he is And uses this fantasy To excuse … Continue reading

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Jesus As An Excuse For Crime

We have a religion on the planet that is doing the complete opposite of what it’s founder wanted.   Christians, especially those of the Western world, have misappropriated the words of Yeshua and the Sacred Scriptures and used them as an … Continue reading

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Car-Free Is Care-Free

Here are a few links to tickle you pink.   Say “F.U.” to your car, and learn to live.   The corporations can’t complain that you’re a hypocrite  for bitching about  Big Oil.   – Freedom From Cars There are a ton … Continue reading

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When Constant Immigration to Canada Is A Bad Thing

First Nations people are Canada’s Third World.  And it’s been getting worse, while the rest of us party on, wreaking havoc on the environment through our eternal, never-satisfied “Growth”. We European-Canadians who’ve been here awhile are the key to this … Continue reading

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