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Call Me When It’s All Over (a poem)

The shaking walls The splitting cells The panting moths The breaking nests   All I have  Is now in jeopardy All I am  Is facing tragedy   Love me, leave me Lying dripping blood On the ground   I will … Continue reading

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Cancer (a poem)

My cells are turning against me Civil war is being fought Within the confines of my skin   A deep dissatisfaction is crawling All over me As I realise Cancer Has broken in   I faint I breathe in gasps … Continue reading

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Whores Need Not Apply (a poem)

U look sexy, But so what? Why should I bow To your outside appearance?   What’s in your heart? That’s the Only question That matters   A slut can easily Look like a virgin In the right clothes   What … Continue reading

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F* YOU, WEST (a poem)

Over seas and over waters, F* you, West, F* you, West Over continents and ocean shelves, Resist the West, resist the West   The West is not under attack But he thinks he is And uses this fantasy To excuse … Continue reading

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