Call Me When It’s All Over (a poem)

The shaking walls

The splitting cells

The panting moths

The breaking nests


All I have 

Is now in jeopardy

All I am 

Is facing tragedy


Love me, leave me

Lying dripping blood

On the ground


I will know it’s you

When it’s all over


To hell with caution

To move these mountains

Is my life’s decree


When the destruction 

Is fait accompli

Call me, call me


I’ll crawl out 

From my hiding place

And begin again,

However painfully

Just to be

Simply to be . . . 



Is my 

Middle name

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Cancer (a poem)

My cells are turning

against me

Civil war is being fought

Within the confines

of my skin


A deep dissatisfaction

is crawling

All over me

As I realise


Has broken in


I faint

I breathe in gasps

My optimism

Is struggling

To last

Another hour




All in vain

Ally with a mystery

Wrapped in infinite pain


The calling 

To the universe

Beams out

From my soul

Night and day


Reaching, reaching desperately

All the same


Cancer, am I anonymous?

Or do you even know

My name?


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Whores Need Not Apply (a poem)

U look sexy,

But so what?

Why should I bow

To your outside appearance?


What’s in your heart?

That’s the

Only question

That matters


A slut can easily

Look like a virgin

In the right clothes


What churns in your soul?

Nothing else

Is of any consequence


Black widow spiders

Come in all

Shapes and sizes


Resist the bitch

And find happiness within


The heart is the instrument

From which all truth emits

Read it

And then build your bridges

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F* YOU, WEST (a poem)

Over seas and over waters,

F* you, West, F* you, West

Over continents and ocean shelves,

Resist the West, resist the West


The West is not under attack

But he thinks he is

And uses this fantasy

To excuse his oppression

In the name of security

And freedom, and democracy


Wake up, sleeping Planet

And spit out this virus

Banish this leech

The West in all its glory

Is but a bitch

In disguise as a virgin


Rise up, natives of Mother Earth

And all allies

And stand against

The Mythmaker

The Lifetaker

The World Shaker

Who has upset

The Balance of Nature


He who cuts off Leviathan’s


Is a hero


But his head

Is not necessarily

A specific person

Or government

Or company 

Or region


Leviathan’s head 

Is an idea:

The Seductive Western Myth


Resist it, fight it


Use your 

Mouth, your

Mind, your

Hands, your

Feet . . .

To resist



Your days are numbered


F* you, West!



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Jesus As An Excuse For Crime

We have a religion on the planet that is doing the complete opposite of what it’s founder wanted.  

Christians, especially those of the Western world, have misappropriated the words of Yeshua and the Sacred Scriptures and used them as an excuse to commit all kinds of odious acts.  Probably the most obvious one is their global empire-building.  Extending their control of land, resources and people worldwide, Christian Westerners raped, pillaged and plundered the Americans, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, and numerous other regions throughout Mother Earth. 

In the following article, you can see a pattern, a pattern of how Christianity has been used to promote good feelings within at the expense of morality and conscience.  Rather than changing people into those who “love Yahweh and neighbour”, as Yeshua taught, it transforms the believer into an expert in excuses.  

Instant Forgiveness comes from their Instant God, who really isn’t interested in people who become a force for good in society.  This was an idea borrowed from the Post-Constantine, Roman-Empire-Co-opted Church which eventually morphed into Orthodox, Protestant and today’s Evangelical Churches.  All teach Cheap Grace, an ideal which allows the convert to do whatever they please, knowing that a Santa Claus Father in the sky will pardon their transgressions upon request.

Apologists for the Christian faith have mastered the art of excuses, diligently teaching them to pastors and their flocks.  Some of them run like this:

– Jesus forgives all sin.  Just confess and repent after.  It’ll all work out fine.

– Don’t criticise me.  After all, everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

–  Every group has its faults.

– Those who commited crimes weren’t real Christians.  They were just using the name.

– Look at the log in your own eye, not the tiny splinter in your brother’s eye.

– And on it goes . . .   

The following article will shock you.  My intention is not to critique the poor.  Many people are out there “just surviving”, because our System in Turtle Island (North America) is abysmal.  It fails everyone but the very rich.  And its getting worse every day.  

And yet, this is not an excuse to rob, beat, cheat or shaft people.  Especially using the precious name of Yeshua as your excuse.  

And think about it: if criminals are co-opting Yeshua’s name to justify their crime, what about all the other Christians who look so squeaky clean Sunday mornings, and yet are fulfilling Matthew 23 and Luke 11?  The name of Yahweh is being blasphemed all over society due to the misuse of Yeshua‘s name and teachings.  God forgive us . . .

New study raises questions about religion as deterrent against criminal behaviour

By Douglas Quan, Postmedia News February 18, 2013

A provocative new study is challenging assumptions about the deterrent effect of religion on criminal behaviour.

The U.S. study found that through “purposeful distortion or genuine ignorance,” hardcore criminals often co-opt religious doctrine to justify or further their crimes.

The findings could have important implications, the researchers say, for how faith-based services are administered within the corrections system.

Prison ministries shouldn’t just be about presenting religious doctrine because some inmates might take religious teachings to excuse their behaviour, lead author Volkan Topalli, a criminal justice professor at Georgia State University, said in an interview Monday.

“People have to understand that presenting religious doctrine to people isn’t enough to change their behaviour,” he said. “(Faith-based services) have to be systematic and about behaviour change — religion has to be a vehicle, rather than the goal.”

The research of Topalli and his colleagues was published this month in the journal Theoretical Criminology in an article titled With God on My Side: The Paradoxical Relationship Between Religious Belief and Criminality Among Hardcore Street Offenders.

They interviewed 48 people who were actively involved in serious and violent street-level crimes, including drug dealing, robbery, car jacking and burglary.

Almost all of them professed a belief in God and identified with the Christian faith. However, many of the criminals had an incomplete understanding of the rules and expectations of their faith, the study found.

One 33-year-old criminal, identified in the study by the nickname “Triggerman,” refused to accept the suggestion that a consequence of murder was eternal damnation.

“No, no, no, I don’t think that is right,” he told the researchers. “Anything can be forgiven. We live in Hell now and you can do anything in Hell. … God has to forgive everyone, even if they don’t believe in him.”

Another criminal, 47-year-old “Detroit,” told researchers that “there is a Heaven and there is a Hell, but I believe that it is Hell on earth, and we trying to fight to get (to Heaven). … We already in Hell, you know?”

Other interview subjects tended to manipulate religious doctrine or were selective in which principles they adhered to, the study found. One 23-year-old criminal, nicknamed “Young Stunna,” said those who came from disadvantaged backgrounds were excused from committing crimes.

“See, if I go and rob a [expletive], then I’m still going to Heaven because, umm, it’s like Jesus knows I ain’t have no choice, you know?” he told researchers. “He know I got a decent heart. He know I’m stuck in the ‘hood and just doing what I gotta do to survive.”

A 25-year-old criminal nicknamed “Cool” said he always does a “quick little prayer” before committing a crime in order to “stay cool with Jesus.” As long as you ask for forgiveness, Jesus has to give it to you, he said.

He also suggested that if a crime is committed against another “bad person,” such as a dope dealer or child molester, “then it don’t count against me because it’s like I’m giving punishment to them for Jesus.”

The interviews show that criminals will often employ “elaborate and creative rationalizations” to reconcile their belief in God and their serial offending, the researchers concluded.

They suggested that those who run faith-based programs in prisons could play a role in trying to correct some of the distortions or misunderstandings.

However, that’s not to suggest that these programs should be all about “hellfire and brimstone” because that would just turn inmates off, Topalli said Monday.

Instead, religion should be a “subtle, background, authoritative force” for making change, he said, adding that faith-based programs work best in reducing recidivism when done in conjunction with educational, vocational and life-skills training.

Representatives of the Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy, whose members provide support to federal inmates across Canada, could not be reached for comment Monday.

A 2007 report posted on the Correctional Service of Canada website noted that about 15 to 20 per cent of federal inmates regularly attend religious worship services and expressed a “high level” of satisfaction with services offered.

The study said while a key function of chaplains was to provide religious services, some were also providing more “holistic” services, including personal development and money management training, which complemented inmates’ overall correctional plans.





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Car-Free Is Care-Free

Here are a few links

to tickle you pink.


Say “F.U.” to your car,

and learn to live.


The corporations can’t complain

that you’re a hypocrite 

for bitching about 

Big Oil.


– Freedom From Cars There are a ton of links on this page!

– How to Live Without A Car (Wiki-How)

– London Fuse Series on Car-Free Lifestyle

– The Travel Chica’s Lessons For A Car-Free Lifestyle

– Life Without Wheels

– Velo-City Car-Free Lifestyle

– Green Tenant: Things to Consider Before Going Car-Free


This is just a sample of links.  I hope that thousands, then millions of people will take up the Car-Free Life.

And, sorry drivers, but I’m praying for Peak Oil to come soon.



The Car-Free Advocate

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When Constant Immigration to Canada Is A Bad Thing

First Nations people are Canada’s Third World.  And it’s been getting worse, while the rest of us party on, wreaking havoc on the environment through our eternal, never-satisfied “Growth”.

We European-Canadians who’ve been here awhile are the key to this problem.  Our government has been our representative and main agent of disturbing the land and already-established communities through this perpetual “Development”.

To fuel this, the Canadian government has largely relied on immigration.  The Myth of Eternal Growth contantly needs new converts, supporters and builders.  This is a “light bulb” that has recently lit up in my brain.

In fact, after reading about the ongoing waves of European immigrants in history, and then working directly with newer non-Euro imms as a Settlement  / Labour Market Counsellor, I’m feeling as if constant immigration is a method of social control employed by the Canadian government

Rather than ensure that First Nations or older settlers have adequate jobs, health care, community resources, etc, the feds continue bringing in starry-eyed newcomers who believe the gov’t propaganda about Canada being a just society et al. 

If they’re poor, they continue barely surviving, having no time to stop and think, to question the System.  If they’re rich, they treat Canada as their playground, much like our established 1% have been doing for years. 

From my own Euro ancestors down to present immigrants, everyone is here to “make it”, to work for a better life, usually with no concern for the environment we’re destroying through our non-stop “development”, and barely noticing First Nations or others who have suffered marginalisation for decades, even centuries.  Immigrants are often in their own dreamland, paying more attention to their past homelands, which they mostly can do little to help, rather than Canada, where they, their kids and grandkids will remain for decades. 

With more and more of these types of people who ultimately support the government, Canada’s problems just keep getting recycled.  People who have been in one place for many generations will have more of a sense of “heritage” and valuing their environment and community.  Corporations and governments here stop people from caring through constant building of housing, infrastructure, fueled by perpetual immigration.  Immigrants rarely get a chance to think about social justice, because they are constantly either in “survival mode” or “playful mode”, depending on their economic status.

Maybe Canada should just stop and take a breather, before we destroy our surroundings and communities to the point that we are no longer an attractive destination for immigrants.  Immigrants, as well as those here for generations, need to wake up to the fact that more is not always better, and that Mother Nature and society will burst to the seams if constantly strained to the max. 



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