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We Worship Technology = We Worship Ourselves

Currently, nature has been completely desecrated and we consider technology as something sacred . . . What is sacred in one society is not always sacred in another. But people have always respected sacred matters. And if there was a … Continue reading

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The Betrayal By Technology by Jacques Ellul

Transcript of The Betrayal by Technology A Portrait of Jacques Ellul  Interview by Jan van Boeckel and Karin van der Molen, 1992, 54 min. © ReRun Producties, Postbus 93021, 1091 DZ Amsterdam, www.rerunproducties.nl  Jacques Ellul: Technology with a capital letter, with big “T”, is… [Electricity … Continue reading

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Are Evangelicals More Like Cain Than Jesus?

I was impressed with one blogger’s post on “City Life: Serving God in a Pagan World “, especially in regard to Cain and city-building. A similar theme is in Jacques Ellul’s The Meaning of the City.  I quote a fellow blogger: The Meaning … Continue reading

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A Hunger Games Review – Katniss the Female Messiah (Spoiler Alert)

In China, there is a dangerous religion called Eastern Lightning. Some of its followers kidnap evangelical Christian pastors and other church leaders to brainwash and torture them, to force them to believe their ideas. They often kill their captives, or … Continue reading

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