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Missions Fest Vancouver Protest – All My Protest Signs

Here are all the protest signs for my Jan 25-26 2013 Protest Against Missions Fest Vancouver.    The Evangelical System is not going to be properly challenged unless you and I speak out against it.  Many of the social injustices … Continue reading

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The Christians Are Asleep In The Light

I live in Vancouver, Salish Unceded Territories, on the West Coast of Canada.  Here we have the rich getting filthy richer and the poor getting miserably poorer.  And the Christians, who were my tribe for 30 years, keep going, playing … Continue reading

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White Evangelical North Americans: Really God’s Children?

Tell me, why is that the Pharisees, Sadducees, etc. were so convinced that they were Yah’s children? If you read Matthew 24 etc you’d find that they were more like reps for the Other Side.  And do white American and … Continue reading

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