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Who’s Land Is It?: Answering the Racists

There is a dangerous email going around spouting off racist lies which insult First Nations people.  A friend of mine forwarded it to me.  Here’s the email and my reply.  I added some Bible verses in it, because my friend … Continue reading

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The Dark History of California: Ishi and the Genocide of Native Americans

“His were qualities of character that last forever. He was kind; he had courage and self-restraint; and though all had been taken from him, there was no bitterness in his heart.”  (Dr. Pope, a friend of Ishi’s) Hi all, This … Continue reading

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Defending Reverend Wright – God WILL Damn America (and UK and Canada) for their domestic and international oppression

Hi dear brothers and sisters in cyberspace! According to Internet sources such as these ones in Wikipedia, Jeremiah Wright is a retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, a predominantly African-American congregation in Chicago, US.  He has a history of … Continue reading

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